Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yesterday we visited one of our sewing projects in  Vijayawada.

Giripuram is one of the backward colonies in Vijayawada and people have a  very hard life in this area.
Not only seeing the work at the sewing project, we had the chance of visiting some of our former students who finished their course.

Coming to the area, men here are mostly daily workers in welding shops and women are domestic helpers. People here are living in very backward conditions without proper basic needs. There is lot of alcoholism  domestic violence and life taking diseases in this area and women are mainly taking up the household responsibilities.
Although they live in the middle of developing city they still didn't get out of their poverty and diseases. Very sad to see people still living in rags and their main household work is on roads since they have not enough space in their single room houses.

Having a sewing project in this area is mainly with the intention of giving these women a scope to be independent and to have a better life.

With the encouragement of the instructor  Hemima, many women finished their training and started working on their own. Women here are very poor and having not much support from their husbands , it still takes some years for them to really get out of their situation but at least they gained self confidence to help themselves and take care of their children without dependence.

In this IT world still there are lots of deprived people who are in need of basic skills which they could use to set up their lives with their minimum education.
In my next post, I am putting the pics of some of our former students.

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