Sunday, August 13, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Centre, Angalakuduru,Gutur District

Photos below are from the Tailoring centre:

Shoshana tailoring centre has had a significant impact in the community. A number of school dropouts, housewives have learned how to sew. Did you know this project has trained over 200 women till date. There are 5 women trainees currently.  One of the students is 

Mrs. Varalakshmi.

She is married with 2 sons.( 6yrs & 5yrs). She some times works as a house helper. Her husband is a rickshaw puller. He is the main provider of the home. They live in a small rented house. Vara Lakshmi decided to learn stitching so that she will help support her family. 

She learned how to stitch blouses, skirts and other designs. Now she is able to stitch all the clothes her family needs.  She is hoping that after completion of her training, she wants to use her stitching skills to open her own shop.

Our Goal is to provide each one of the trainees with a  tool kit ( Sewing machine & basic Equipment like Scissors, measuring tape etc)

The trainees have the skills to sew for their families and to also use their skills to earn an income. Thanks to all the donors for their continuous support. Your generosity is making a lifelong impact on these people.

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