Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swarna village - New medical application


We got a new application for the need of medical support at Swarna village. It is 14 kms away from Chirala and it comes under Prakasam District. Its a big village with all different caste people. We got the application especially from the Christian community.  This colony has around 1400 families. Each family has around 4 members. 90% of the villagers in this colony are agricultural coolies and milk vendors and 10% are teachers and other jobs. 

Like any other village it has the basic facilities from the government like water supply, Primary school etc. As the villagers said there is not much  medical  facility here from the Government. Once in a while there is nurse coming from the Government giving medicines for pregnant ladies and if there is any spread of contagious diseases.

We were walking around 10 streets in this colony just to have an over all look of the area. They have a few small shops selling vegetables and other stuff for farmers.  Heard from the villagers that there is a primary health centre but it is far away from this area and it is not much help for the people.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Visit to Bapatla Sewing Project

Bapatla belongs to coastal region. Our Sewing project is around 8km from the beach. Location of the project is an area alloted for back ward communities so almost all the students who attend the stitching classes come from very poor background mostly agricultural labourers and building construction workers.

Manjula is the instructor and this is the second batch of students for her in Bapatla.  This project turned out to be a free tailoring class as well as shop so the students have the chance of working as well as learning. They are quite successful in making products for sale under the supervision of Manjula. Not just learning they could earn while learning.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Late rains this year.  All the fields look empty. Actually rains should have started in July itself but even at the end of August not much.  For the last one week it is raining here and there. Good news for the farmers.Propably they will  hurry up now.

Most of our projects are in villages surrounded by fields so i could see a few with cotton plants just started.  I hope we have enough rains this year and all the farmers will have enough work..

Since majority of our beneficiaries are from Agricultural background, i  hope the ladies  would   utilize their skills to support their families when they have hard time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Visit to Embroidery project, Pasumarru

My today's visit to embroidery project, Pasumarru.

Its a training centre and work shop.
The present batch students are towards the end of their course. They started their class in March - 11. 

They already started taking orders from neighbours and working as a group and sharing the money they get among themselves. Few previous students also are gathering here and working as a group. It takes more time if they work individually so two, three students are forming as a group and working together.

This project turned out to be more like a training centre as well as a shop. Since the previous and present students are working together it is easy for them to share ideas and get out some creative work.

Swetha the instructor in this project is recently married and she has enough support from her husband to carry on with her work.

  Most of the needy women she has  are from agricultural back ground. Not much educated , mostly housewives and few college drop outs. This course really turned out to be a income source for them to support their families. 

Thank you very much for your support.. Shoshana  is there for needy women for their self help because you are there.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visit to Epurupalem medical Project

Medical support  in a special community belonging to weaving occupation. The entire area is a weavers colony. Both men and women do this work. Most of the time we see people either dyeing, starching the cloth, weaving, doing different steps of weaving sarees and other dress materials.

People here are prone to breathing diseases since they work with chemicals while dyeing and while making thread from cotton. People doesn't take any precautions while working. So most of the patients here are suffering from ashthama, body pains and gastric problems for not following proper eating habits.

Majority of the families work as daily workers for certain shop owners. They provide them with materials and pay them by each saree. The amount they get per saree is very low when compared to the actual market price. They doesn't have enough capital for starting their own business. They are made to work for the shop owners.

Compared to earlier years most of the people here are looking for other jobs, changing their occupation, migrating to other places for work. Atleast now Government should find some solution to help these people to protect the ancient art releasing them from the slavery of a few rich shop owners.

The nurse here is Ms.Buela Rani who is a well trained nurse, has the experience of working in good hospitals.She is taking good care of the people here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anitha - Instructor, 2nd tailoring project in Guntur.


Few pics of Anitha at her project with her students. House and work place in the same building. Project started  in 2008.  So far 21 students finished their training.

Anitha was a child labour before and we wanted to help her to be independent. She is well trained in hand work and painting. With our support she is  helping herself  as well she could help others to improve their financial status with their skills. Anitha is happily married now and she has a son of 2 yrs old.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nirmala working at her Sewing project, Guntur.

Nirmala - Instructor in our very first sewing project started in 2000.

More than 100 students got trained in her project and majority of them are running their own shops. Right now she is doing her 12 th batch of stitching  and embroidery class.

One of her Students showing her embroidery work on a Saree.

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