Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pics of our visits from medical projects at Tadiparru, Guntur District and Lohiyapuram, Prakasam Districts.

Project started in 2010 with the request for medical help especially from the Christian area of Tadiparru. The Church elders came forward and alloted community hall for the project set up and employed a Nurse, Sukhaveni who is  from their area.

People who are mostly farmers are very happy with the nurse and the society members epecially are very co-operative in helping the people get good services from the medical project.

Women are very happy that they get good treatment and medication at the centre and they are making full use of the available services and especially old people, they could come to the centre on their own since it very close to the area. Besides getting treatment they could spend time at the centre. It is more like a shelter home for them.

Martha with the nurse

Pics from Lohiyapuram medical project.

Women in front of the medical centre
Lohiyapuram is a small area in Vetapalem village. Our medical project is located in weavers colony.

Presently there are lots of Dengue and Typhoid cases in this area. The Nurse varadhamma also had Dengue and she was in hospital for quite some time.
As per villagers version there is not much active help from the Govt against against these cases.
Since the treatment for Dengue is not in the reach of common man, people are very much worried and scared of this disease.

Almost all the people are depended on daily wages so it would be very difficult for them to afford the treatment.
The basic treatment is available at the project. Besides that the nurse is giving awareness about hygiene and necessary precautions . Serious cases are sent to Guntur for advanced treatment.

Lohiyapuram - weavers colony
Martha checking out the available medicine at the project
All kinds of people are getting medical help from the centre and basic medication is available at the centre all the time. If Government also provide more help specially when there are cases of chronic diseases then it would be more helpful.

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