Tuesday, August 30, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Project, Johnpet, Chirala.

This post is about one of the recently started medical projects by Shoshana at Johnpet, Chirala  in the month of March-2022.

It is a christian area with people from mixed economic backgrounds but majority families are daily workers like agricultural workers, rickshaw pullers and domestic helpers... On the request of the people here, and due to the rise in corona cases , Shoshana came to know that there is a need for medical help in this area.

 The nurse Mrs. Prasanna is associated with Shoshana for quite some time now. She is taking care of another  medical project at Karamchedu village. . This is her second project.

Giving out free blood pressure checkups and medication for viral fevers.

Monday, August 8, 2022

 Distribution of Sewing machines - Gamela Bazar, Vijayawada.

Sewing project at the rag pickers colony - Gamela bazar, Vijayawada.

First group of women who finished their sewing class at Gamela bazar, Vijayawada. With the initiation from a social worker friend, Shoshana started Sewing project at the Rag picker's colony whose main occupation is waste picking, segregating and bringing the waste to a place where they could sell it. As we found out, in the process, majority of the women are prone to diseases, abuse, different addictions etc. Couldn't send their children to school, single parenting and finally ending up bringing their children to the same profession.

In order to give the needy women another means of livelihood and a better living, Shoshana started a sewing project under the supervision of Mrs. Hemima. The first group of 5 women started their sewing class in Nov-21 and finished by the end of July-22.

Shoshana provided them with a sewing machine and a certificate. Though these machines are used ones  the women could use them without any problem. Also they could start their work right away and the instructor Hemima would do the follow ups. 

Sharing some of the pics from the sewing machine distribution program

On behalf of all the Sewing projects, I thank everyone who supports our Shoshana Projects in giving a better life to the needy women.

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