Monday, December 19, 2011

Change of room for Shoshana Medical Centre, Sampathnagar, Chirala.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Sampath Nagar, Chirala.

Medical Centre at Sampath nagar recently changed to a new house.

Sampath Nagar is a remote area on the outskirts of Chirala. Earlier the entire area was agricultural land with ground nut and paddy fields. Government alloted this area to some tribals  and constructed small houses for them instead of living in straw huts.

People slowly started moving to this area and i would say this area now comes under developing area but still there are lots of needy  people.

The nurse here is Mrs.Maheswari. She has been working with us for the last 8 years. She is widow and has a daughter and son. Her children were very young when she lost her husband but she is a capable lady who is taking good care of her childrens education as well as serving the needy at the medical centre.

All the credit goes to all the donors of Shoshana who have been helping continuously for this noble work for the self help of no.of needy women .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New house for Shoshana sewing Centre, Pedanandipadu

The sewing instructor at Pedanandipadu Mrs.Sivakumari changed the project to a new house. Few pics showing the surroundings and the new house.
Pedanandipadu is mainly an agricultural village.Majority of the women in Shoshana sewing centre come from agricultural background. Almost all the students are agricultural labourers. Besides their work these needy women believe that they could use this opportunity of taking free sewing class to improve their lives.

Sivakumari is the instructor at Pedanandipadu sewing centre. She has been working with us from 2003. So far she had 70 women who finished their sewing class.She come from a village background. Her husband is a farmer.Their main crop is paddy and cotton.

Both are very supportive to each others work. Their services turned to be  very useful for the needy women in their area. Sivakumari is a very active lady. She takes good responsibility towards her work and has good relations with her students. All the women are working as a group, getting orders from outside and earning a limited income besides their training.The present batch of students started their course in Aug-11 and they will finish their class in about five more months.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pics from Shoshana Sewing Project, , Nagaralu.

 The first picture showing the first batch of tailoring students at Shoshana Sewing Centre, Nagaralu, Guntur.

All all our Sewing projects, the stitching course goes with a systematic syallabus. Notes taking, maintaining sample maps, paper cutting and thorough practice. The instructors check from time to time and see that the students learn in a correct way so that they could shine well in their future work.

Most of the needy  women in this area are daily labourers. Here we see mostly women working and men are alchoholic and hanging out lazily. Women have to work to take care of their families. When the society people decided to start our centre here many women are interested to learn so that they could have their own machine and work from home. Compared to the present field work they are doing stitching and embroidery  is quite an income earning source and they can have a better life.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training and Earning at our Sewing Project, Guntur.

I would like to share a few pics of our students at Shoshana Sewing Centre, VP Colony, Guntur.

The instructor at this project is Anitha. She has a batch of young needy women who are learning stitching and embroidery.

At this project besides training we could be able to provide the women with some income by taking in stitching orders from outside and helping them work under the supervision of the instructor. By this they could earn some money while they learn as well as they will have enough practice for their future job as a tailor.

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are pr...