Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Sewing application from Narasaraopet

Hello friends,

We got a new application for a sewing centre in  Navodaya nagar , Narasaraopet town. I went there to find out the facts and possibilities of opening our project there.
Narasaraopet is around 44km from Guntur and from Chirala, it would be around 80kms from Chirala. Its a big town. The area where we got the application is Navodaya nagar.  Its a mixed area with all kinds of people with different occupations. It has rich and also very poor people. Its a busy place with road side business, schools, Government offices etc.

The name of the lady who applied for the sewing centre is Satyavathi. Her husband is working in a cloth store as sales man. She has two children, one girl and one boy. Both are studying. She is a Hindu and they belong to a middle class family. She has 10 years experience as a tailor and she has been teaching students for a long time. She applied with main intention of working with our organisation, there by helping many needy women who can't afford to go to a sewing class where there is a lot of chance of getting work either in a tailor shop or starting their own tailoring or embroidery business in a small scale there by supporting their families. In this combined work both the tailor and her students belonging to a poor background  with have a chance to help themselves.

Present days it is very difficult even for  educated people to get jobs because of lot competition in this over populated country so for uneducated poor people the chances are very meagre to get a decent job except remaining as daily workers or servant maids. I think starting a tailoring unit atleast even in a small scale would be a nice opportunity for them, there by supporting themselves as well as other people like them if they work together. If they are skilled enough  and have some communication skills , i think they will make out a nice living and will have continuous work.

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