Thursday, October 10, 2013

- First aid help at our recently started medical centre, Sainagar, Chirala.

 Started a month ago and
  now people got familiar with this place where they get help so more number of people are using the opportunity.

Besides the regular patients, the nurse, Ms.Buela rani also has patients with speical cases like Arthritis, Thyroid etc.

Many people here in this area with Diabetic and blood pressure problem.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Medical project at NTR colony, Sai nagar, Chirala.

Mainly weaver's colony.

We had a medical centre at Weaver's colony, Epurupalem since2006 but one year back it was moved to a different needy colony in Epurupalem.

Keeping in view the medical need for the weaving community, Shoshana made an extension of the medical support to Sai nagar, Chirala.
 Buela rani , the nurse from Epurupalem medical project is taking care of the centre at Sai nagar, Chirala besides her regular work.
Regular medical help at Sai nagar area started from Sep-2103. The councellor from the local area alloted one room for the medical centre.

Room is quite  sufficient for the first aid help. Buela rani is a well experienced nurse and if necessary she could as well respond to emergency cases and help the people to get necessary treatment.

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