Friday, November 2, 2012

Our second visit on dated 2/11 is to a Sewing centre in Bapatla, Guntur District.

The sewing centre is located in Driver's colony which is more towards the coast of Bapatla. Manjula rani is the instructor here and this is her  third batch of training class here in this area.

Instructor Manjula and Martha

Majority of Driver's colony is with people who are daily workers. Government gave them land to put up temporary shelters.

Majority of girls in this batch are very needy and besides their regular work as a coolie they need some other alternative work with which they could earn their living when they are out of work. They are making out time for this class of tailoring and embroidery. They already started making clothes which they could sell.

Girls are drop outs and they took the responsibilities of supporting their large families along with their parents. Each one has a background story  and the situations in which they are leading their lives and struggling for their living.

They started the training class in Aug-12 . Here is a group picture of present batch of women.
Out of the 8 students i would like to share the stories of two girls from this batch in my next post.

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