Tuesday, November 8, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre, Lohiyapuram.

Sharing some recent pics from Shoshana Medical Centre - Lohiyapuram.

Located in the weaver's community. Majority of the population are weavers'. Weaving sarees is the main occupation. Almost every household is associated with the weaving process. Shoshana opened a Medical project here 12 yrs  back with the intention of providing first aid help to the area here which is  far away from the town. 

There were no basic facilities like roads, electricity, drinking water etc for the people here at that time when we started off but slowly over the years the area is developing but still there is no  medical facility except the medical help from Shoshana.

There is a large population of elderly people also in this area who needs regular blood pressure and Sugar check ups. Besides providing the basic medication, Shoshana provides all these checkups for free of cost and there is a regular nurse who takes care of all the basic needs.

He does house visits also for  those who couldn't  come to the centre so having a  medical centre here is a big help for the people.

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