Monday, September 23, 2013

Meeting Grace Jeevan Society members who applied for Medical help at Bhanunagar, Vijayawada.

GJS is started in the year 2002. From 2005 onwards with the support from the local Pentecostal church, the members are doing different social activities like providing educational support to needy students, educational awareness campaigns, Medical camps with team of doctors etc.

GJS president, Mr.G.Nathaniel invited us to visit their area to find out about the possibilities of opening a medical centre in their area.  The area called Gulabithota is a slum in the middle of the city containing about 15000 people.

Medical support is not at the reach of these people. Due to poor hygienic conditions and  lack of facilities, they are more prone to diseases.

 The society members requested for medical centre where they could atleast get first aid help.
 The president Mr.Nathaniel is also a pastor besides working as an accountant,so he is familiar with the church people and the people around his area.  He could convince the people to participate in supporting the medical centre once it is started.

Friday, September 20, 2013

 Two of our Medical projects in remote areas of Vetapalem and Kadavakuduru villages which are quite far away from proper medical help.

Medical help at Yanadi colony, Kadavakuduru specially where the yanadi community live. They are mainly in sanitation works and some are fishermen.
Raja kumari - Nurse ( Kadavakuduru )

Medical help at Weaver colony, Lohiyapuram specially where the weaver's community live.  Each family usually has a weaving equipment. The whole family make 5 or 6 sarees from  one week to 10 days  and they get paid from the owner who provides all the materials.

Varadhamma - Nurse ( Lohiyapuram )

Epurupalem Medical Project

 Rani, our nurse at the medical project, Epurupalem is a trained nurse. Besides giving first aid help,she is also taking inpatients who are in need of infusions.

She also has nibulizer facility for Asthma patients and sugar testing kits for diabetic patients.

 People are asking for special help for diabetic and blood pressure medication.
Since the nurse has the experience of taking care for diabetic patients we think of helping them with necessary medicine  so that they get along with their need.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visit to Narasaraopet Sewing Project

Second sewing project in Narasaraopet town.

On Monday we went to the Shoshana sewing project which is located in Navodayanagar, Narasaraopet .

This project started in 2010 and so far 28 women finished their training in stitching.
The present batch of women started their training program from May-13. Usually it takes a month to form a regular batch. It takes some time for the teacher to select the needy and also the candidates who could afford to come regularly because most of the women are coolies or in other jobs based on daily wages.

Two of the students knew some stitching before.They got their training in one of the Government run centres but left half way.

They are a bit ahead of the rest of the students.

 They were trying to stitch on different types of cloth.

   Mrs.Martha gave some suggestions to the instructor as well as the students for the betterment of their work.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Medical centre in Martur town.

Medical support specially started for Granite workers since Martur town is famous for Granite factories.  There are many people all over the country who are working in this factories as daily workers and they have their colonies beside the factories.

Shoshana started medical help for these workers in the year 2005  at Adarsh nagar and we had the centre in this area till 2011. Government started a primary health centre in the same area with a regular nurse so the society people moved to another needy area where there is need first aid centre.

Mrs.Mumtaz is the present nurse in Shoshana medical centre, Martur.. So far she is running the centre at her home since there is no permanent accomadation for the centre.

Lately the local society who is supporting Shoshana made temparory arragement for running the centre in a local school for sometime but very soon they are  planning to build a small room for the centre.

Sewing project at Mutyalareddy nagar, Guntur.

Shoshana sewing project at  Mutyalareddy nagar, Guntur.

Rajani is the instructor. Specially trained in Embroidery,  Painting and Beautician course besides stitiching.

 Depending on the time availability and interest of the students she is teaching all these different skills to the needy women so that they could use one or the other for their self help.

This batch of women started off recently. First they started with tailoring.
Some of the women in this batch are part time workers, like sales girls and one is a domestic helper.

Rajani, the instructor said that the previous students of Beautician course are working in local beauty parlours.

Visit to Guntur Sewing Project.

Our weekend visit to two of our sewing projects in Guntur city.

Latest sewing project we started in Guntur. The society who supported sewing project in Visadala village located this area for helping women.

Nagaralu, Guntur.

Vasantha the instructor ,  started working with Shoshana two years back. She is a tailor in that area for the past 15 years and also was  teaching 3 or 4 students a year.  That was her job before.

This is the first time for her working for a charitable organization. Very soon she understood the main aim of helping those needy women for their self help.

Women also are using their time very well , very good in their work and confident that they will achieve their goals.

We are satisfied with the way the instructor is taking care of the project and helping the women.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pics from fishermen villageRamapuram, Chirala.

Regular medical help started in  this area specially with the intention of helping the fisher community who lost their property and lives during the Tsunami time.

The area is away from the town so there is no place where they get medical help until we started the medical centre.  Lately Government also started conducting medical camps since  Chikun gunya fevers are very much spread over the area.

Mrs.Anandakumari is taking care of the medical centre. She has been working in this area from the beginning since it is started in 2005.
 Fishing is the main occupation here. Some have their own boats, bring their stuff to the local fish market and some work for people who export stuff to Chennai and Hyderabad.

Many friends knew her son, Naveen who got medical help from Shoshana for his health problem , born with genetic disorder. He was operated in Chennai for the correction of his problem but unfortunately he died last year. She has one more son who is in his 9th grade.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visit to Shoshana medical centre, Railway area, Chirala.

One of the recently started medical project where there is utmost need for medical support. One of the slums in Chirala town on the outskirts.

The people here are more like outcasts and generally nobody  wants to go to that area.  Mostly ragpickers and rickshaw pullers living in very unhygienic conditions.

Ofcourse we are familiar with the people there since we have our medical centre there but still people are kind of wild as they are alchoholics and drug addicts with criminal background.

 Local pastor is very much interested in this area to bring change in these people and with the help of his friends he is doing some activities which are useful for the people.

In this process he met Shoshana to provide medical aid in this area and now we are able to set up a place where they get medical help and for conducting church on Sundays.

The nurse Ms.Lavanya joined her recently. She is single  and she has many years experience as a nurse in a NGO before and now she is working for Shoshana besides running her own clinic.

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are pr...