Monday, November 26, 2012

Visit to Kadavakuduru medical project - Nov - 12

Pics from Shoshana medical project  at Kadavakuduru village - Nov-12

Our very first medical project started in the year 2000. It is in between Chirala and Ongole towns. The local people of Kadavakuduru offered the village community hall to open the medical centre where the first aid support is given to the villagers with a regular nurse at the centre. It was a great help to the  people in that Christian area for 10 years where most of the backward people are living.

Recently the medical centre is moved to another backward area. The main community here is fishermen and  daily workers.

The nurse Mrs.Rajakumari is taking care of the centre for the last 8 years.
 The nurse Rajakumari is native of Kadavakuduru village. Her husband once had a Government job but he lost it. Now he is working as a Security guard. She has two daughters, one is married and one is studying her nursing course.

The nurse is available to the people here all day long since she is residing beside the medical centre and the first aid services are always available and free for the needy people.

The nurse is also going around the village  twice a month to give out medication.

Our M.D Martha who is also a trained nurse gave necessary advice to the nurse at the medical centre regarding precautions for different type of fevers and preventive measures to be taken in that area since there are a few Dengue cases in the village.

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