Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Shoshana Sewing Centre, Anaparthi.

New Sewing Project at Anaparthi village.

Shoshana started a sewing project at Anaparthi village from March-2017.
For women who come from backward communities and low economic background.
The women who are interested and eligible for the free class are selected the local society along with the sewing instructor .

Anaparthi is purely an agricultural village. Majority of the population depend on agriculture. Main crops are chilli and cotton farming. Since the crops are seasonal, women depending on agriculture  have regular work only for half a year.  There is no alternate work for them because of their low education.

Most of the women who joined the class are school drop outs because of many reasons like early marriages,  have to support the families in working or forced to take care  of the domestic chores or take care of siblings at home while the parents are working.

For these seasonal workers, on the request of the local society,  Shoshana came forward to start a sewing centre at Anaparthi village and help them in getting free training in tailoring and embroidery courses so that they could as well have an alternate work.

Mrs.Sivakumari the sewing instructor from Pedanandipadu village took initiative in conducting special classes for the needy women in Anaparthi village.

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