Monday, November 12, 2012

Angalakuduru Sewing Centre - November visit - 12

Name of the student:  Rajani Gayathri

 She is an old student from Shoshana Sewing centre, Angalakuduru. She is from 2008 batch. We happened to visit her house just to see how she is doing.  We are very happy that she has her own tailoring shop and she is quite successful in her work.
Martha and instructor, Krishnaveni with Gayathri

Her husband is an agricultural worker. Sometimes when is out of work,.she is taking main part in running her family and taking care of her 2 daughters without any problem.

Few pics from the Centre
Krishnaveni with the students

This batch of women started their class in Sep-12. Mostly married women coming from agricultural families. Most of the husbands are tractor drivers and farmers.

These women still have 8 months to finish their training and since we have several previous students who have regular work, these women definitely will have a scope for their self help.

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