Thursday, April 29, 2021

 Facial masks donated by Help Organization.

 Our association with Help Organization- Germany for the past one year.  Charitable Organization working for the medical needs of the needy people all over the world. Eye and Cleft surgeries and sponsoring medical equipment to the needy countries.

We received protective equipment - Covid for Shoshana medical staff last year. It was quite helpful for us during the Covid times.

Recently we received a package of facial masks for our medical staff. 

On behalf of Shoshana we thank Help Organization for their support.

In future also we would like to work with them with the surgeries for the needy people here in India.

Corona cases are rising like crazy in India. Almost every household has corona patients. It is all over the news that there is scarcity of beds in hospitals, lack of oxygen supply, medication etc. Panic situation everywhere. Not because of Corona but many people are dying of fear. Lot of negativity is  spread about the disease. Hoping that the situation will come in control in coming weeks. With basic awareness about the disease and by following few precautions we could safely come of the disease.

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