Saturday, November 3, 2012

Name of the student : Hafeeza

Hafeeza is also one of the students from Sewing project, Bapatla.

She is an illiterate, housewife. She is married for 5yrs and has a son who is 4yrs of age.
Her husband is a daily worker but because of his alcoholic habit he suffered from liver problem and he died six months back.

Hafeeza was left alone and she had to work as a servant maid to earn her living.  Her in-laws also were not ready to allow her to stay with them since they were not willing to take up the responsibility of her and her son.

Presently she is living with her mother who is also a widow and she is helping her mother in her vegetable selling business. She joined the course mainly because she will have a chance to set up a tailoring shop besides her mother's business and gives her support in running the family.  She couldn't afford to get the training class from outside which would be costly for her but she is very happy now that many people are helping her to get a class which makes her life better.

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