Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visit to Guntur project (Beautician course)

Few pics from Rajani's project, Guntur.  Students learning beautician course for this batch.

Rajani is the instructor in this project teaching stitching and she is  well trained in Embroidery and painting. Besides this she is a beautician herself so she wanted to teach beautician course to the present batch students just for change and which is also a good income source for the ladies . In this profession there are lot of job opportunities as beautician' helpers and as a group if they can afford they could as well set up their own parlour.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Visit to Narasaraopet Sewing Project

 Pictures from the present batch students at Narasaraopet, Shalem nagar Sewing project.

All the ladies learning stitching here are married and belong to a very poor background. Husbands are daily workers, auto drivers. All the women have two children each living in rented houses. All are regular and quite good in their work.

The teacher in this project is Santhamma. She is an elderly lady and she has enough experience in teaching students for quite a long time.

She has good interaction with the students and discuss about their family situations and encourages them to learn.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Visit to Lohiyapuram medical project


I would like to share a few pics from my visit to Lohiyapuram medical project.

It is one of the remote areas where i could see a drastic change in the developmental facilities  of the area from Government and other N.GO's besides Shoshana.

This area is specially alloted to the poor community on the outskirts of Vetapalem Village . In this colony we can see three different religion people who are spread in three colonies. One is weavers colony who are hindus and they come under Saradha and Vigneswara colonies and other colony is Lohiyapuram who has Christians and Muslims.

Weavers have their own weaving Equipment at home and they get all the materials from the shop owners from the town and they are paid certain amount for each saree. It is more like daily worker wages. Christians and Muslims are rickshaw pullers and Agricultural field workers.

When they first came to this area all were living in small huts and even they don't have basic facilities like water, electricity etc and the area is full of snakes.

Medical facilities are far behind. We started the medical support here in 2008 on the request of the local incharge of this area. The local society people are quite capable of getting other facilities from the Government too over the period of time. Ofcourse the people have the same financial postion ,they were able to have permanent houses, water supply and could live in hygienic surroundings.

The Nurse here is Varadhamma. She is single and she is from this area and she has been giving good services to the people here. Especially the old people are very happy they are have a place where they could go and sit for a while and talk to the nurse besides getting medication.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have been to Swarna village again to have an  over all impression of the village.

. It is 14 kms away from Chirala and it comes under Prakasam District. Its a big village with all different caste people. We got the request for medical support especially from the Christian community. As usually like any other village all the high caste people have different colonies and Christians and other backward caste have different colony .This colony has around 1400 families. Each family has around 4 members. 90% of the villagers in this colony are agricultural coolies and milk vendors and 10% are teachers and other jobs. The village is surrounded by paddy fields. Right now it is high time for the farmers since it is raining and they are busy planting rice.

Compared to the high caste people this colony has low economical status, no proper roads. In raining season the condition will be more worse. It is a muddy area.Mostly still living in huts, here and there some Government houses.  I would say it is a poor area but not a very very slum area. They have drinking water facility from the Government and I saw a Government primary school in that area. They have a few small shops selling vegetables and other stuff for farmers.

The other side of the village have big houses, mostly propably belongs to rich landlords.
  As the villagers said there is not much  medical  facility here from the Government. Once in a while there is nurse coming from the Government giving medicines for pregnant ladies and if there is any spread of contagious diseases.

The main business is at the entrance of the village like few shops, bank and few temples. As far I saw there is no medical shop in that area. Propably the general stores sell a few medication for little bit more price. 

Heard from the villagers that there is a primary health centre but it is far away from this area and it is not much help for the people.

I would say opening a primary health centre in that Christian area would be definitely a help for the people there.
Having a medical project would be more apt than a sewing centre in this area.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New sewing project at Nagaralu area, Guntur.


Shifting of sewing project from Visadala, Guntur dt to Nagaralu - Guntur City.  Keeping in view the health problems of the instructor Lavanya at Visadala, her society people decided to shift the centre to Guntur and start the new batch of tailoring at Nagaralu area with Vasantha as the new instructor.

Mrs. Vasantha is a 45 year old widow with a son who is a Engineering student. She is a Christian  from a below middle class family and  is staying with her mother. She has been working as a tailor in that area for the last 10 years so she has enough experience in tailoring. This has been the main income source for her to support her family. The society people selected her for working in our charity. She seems a very nice humble person and i hope she understood the social responsibility of taking care of the needy women in her area. I am confident that she will keep up to our expectations of helping the women for their self help.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Karamchedu medical project


Few pics in and around Karemchedu medical project.

The nurse working here is Mrs.Prasanna and she is 8 month pregnant. Very soon a new nurse will replace her for a short period.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Visit to Pedanandipadu Sewing Project


My visit to Pedanandipadu sewing project to meet the new batch of Students who just started their stitching class. Pedanandipadu is half way to Guntur from Chirala. It is a village surrounded with tobacco and cotton fields. Almost all the women who joined the class are from agricultural background working as daily workers and one or two girls who are college drop outs.

This time we have students who are familiar with sewing for some extent so they is no need for them for basic training. They started off with blouses which is the difficult and time taking part.  Interesting part is here in this project we could see good interaction between the teacher and the students, they are friendly and discuss their ideas with the teacher without any trouble.

Sivakumari is the teacher here and her husband is a farmer. He is quite helpful to her in her work. Siva kumari   is a very easy going lady and she is quite capable of dealing with all kinds of women without any trouble. Here also the teacher and students are working together  in making products for sale.

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