Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Latest visit to Karamchedu medical centre

hai friends,

Today i visited our newly started medical project at Karamchedu. It is working quite well. The people from that area are quite comfortable with the nurse and they are very happy with the medication  they get.  Since it is known in that area by now, more people are using the services of the centre. It is quite interesting to see the pakka village atmosphere in that area.

It was evening when i went there so most of the villagers came back from their work and we can see people in front of their houses doing their household work. There was power cut at that time so most of the people are on the roads getting some fresh area. Little bit relaxing from the hot sun. All similar type of houses with cattle in their back yards. The area looks mostly clean.

Happy bunch of children playing on the roads enjoying their summer vacation.

Since the area is away from the town by the side of fields not much sound pollution. Having a first aid centre in their area proved to be a real help for them.

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