Thursday, July 27, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Centre, Gaddipadu-Guntur

Present group of women(beneficiaries) at Shoshana sewing centre, Gaddipadu. 

All the ladies are married, some have school education and each one of them are working, one is a cook, two are sweepers and one is working in a press.

Now a days both husband and wife have to work to support their families with the raising expenses. These ladies, they don't have a regular work, they work on contract basis so in order to have an alternate source of income, they joined the sewing class.

They just started the class. Still in the basics. The instructor is setting up the schedule according to the duration of the program. This would be a life long skill for them to sew for their families and also use their skills to earn an income.

Thanks to all the donors who made it possible for their women.

Monday, July 10, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre, Dasaripalem, Guntur.

Summer this year had been very harsh on people especially for those who generally  outdoors like construction workers , agricultural workers etc Temperatures were so high, it was even very difficult to get out of the house but their job force them to be under direct sunlight for long periods and faced many problems  like tiredness, dehydration etc

They have no option. If they don't go to work they have nothing to eat. Besides they have work only for a few days a month. 

Dasaripalem is a very backward area on the outskirts of Guntur. Government allotted houses to backward communities who are daily wage workers. They are still devoid of all the basic facilities. No proper roads and their condition is worse during the rainy season. There is no proper access to the nearest medical help.

There are a no. of old people too in this area who are in need of medical help.

Keeping in view the situation, Shoshana started its first aid services in this area in the year 2018. From then it has been giving out first aid help and basic medical services including free medication, B.P and sugar check ups  to all the needy people here with a regular nurse. 

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre - Dasaripalem-Guntur Would like to share a few pics showing the surroundings of Dasari palem and the area where...