Friday, October 30, 2015

Pics from the German group at different projects.

Palm beach resorts

Shoshana sewing centre, Chilakaluripet

Shoshana medical centre, Railway area, Chirala

Shoshana sewing centre, Bapatla

Shoshana sewing centre, Pedanandipadu

Shoshana Office, Chirala

Monday, October 26, 2015

Arrival of German friends - Donors of Shoshana

Looking forward for the visit of German friends. Group of 16 members are going to
visit Chirala. Donors of Shoshana and few new friends specially coming all the way
from Germany to visit our projects in A.P.

They have been giving their continuous support all these years helping us to run the
organization without any trouble.

We will be visiting different Sewing and Medical projects for the coming two days and
i will share the visit pics in the coming posts.

Feeling excited.

Shoshana Medical Centre, Sampath nagar, Chirala.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Sampath nagar, Chirala. Pics from the new house.


 Medical help at Sampath nagar, Chirala started in the year 2003. The area is far away from the town with only a few houses. With in these 12 years time, the town has been growing and more people moved here but still there are many needy people among the developing area.
Nurse Maheswari is working with us for the past 12 years.

People have all the basic facilities but medical facility is still not in reach. Shoshana has been giving first aid support with a regular nurse.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Visit to Angalakuduru Sewing project and Tadiparru medical project.

Pics from Medical Centre, Tadiparru and Sewing Centre, Angalakuduru

We have limited time to visit all the projects so yesterday we went to three projects in a row.  We are almost towards the end of the visit schedule. One more week to go but this time with a group of donors coming all the way from Germany.

Few pics from Med-Centre, Tadiparru.

Nurse Mrs.Sukhaveni at the centre

Pics from Sew-Centre, Angalakuduru village

Instructor, Mrs. Krishnaveni with her new group of women

These women are from agricultural background. Angalakuduru is famous for lemon and banana plantations so most people work in those fields. These women are mostly school drop outs or just finished their school, housewives. They hope this training program would definitely give them a chance for their self help.

These women started only two months back but first they want to learn blouse stitching and saree petticoats which is usually at the end of the course.These are the main models they are going to stitch for their living so they are more interested to learn them in the beginning.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Railway area, Chirala.

Pics from Health centre, Railway area, Chirala.

One of the slum areas of Chirala. Mostly Rag pickers, collecting plastic, iron bits and other stuff from waste and bring it to the scrap shops for money. Each family has more than five children and they are the main earning source for them. They take children along with them to collect waste.

 People collect dead animals from the railway tracks and sell their bones. This place is convenient for them for their activities. Even though the town is developing, these people are still living in very unhygienic and backward conditions. The people here are care free, away from the society and some how wild looking.

 Different N.G.O's are helping them to get out of their situation like providing free education, clothes and other basic necessities but still it takes time for them to get along with the society.

Shoshana started a part time Medical help in this area in 2010. The nurse Mr.Raju was taking care of this project but soon more patients are coming in so we decided to take a full time nurse here.
Ms. Lavanya is taking care of the people here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Martur.

Martur is mainly a Granite area, with lots of Granite factories.  First aid medical help specially started for Granite workers. These people came from different parts of the country to work in the factories. First aid help is a must for them because everyday they have cuts or wounds working with heavy stones, also breathing problems.

Shoshana started here in the year 2005 on the request of some local people.

 Shoshana Medical Centre recently moved to a different area called Gottipati nagar, Martur. This is also a needy area with many Granite and agricultural workers.
 It is a mixed area with different religions but mostly muslims.

The nurse Mrs. Mumtaz has been working in this area for 2 years now.  We were talking to her and finding more ways on how to give better treatment to the needy people here.

Shoshana Medical Centre, Lohiyapuram

 Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Lohiyapuram

Three different backward communities like Weavers, Muslims and Christians at the same area but seperate colonies.Government sanctioned free land to them on the outskirts of the town.  When Shoshana started giving medical support in this area, people were living in huts, no electricity and roads but slowly the area is developing, Government sanctioned money to build permanent houses and provided other basic facilities but still they have no proper medical support except Shoshana.

 People are mostly weavers, agricultural workers, rickshaw pullers etc. Snake bites are very frequent in this area. Weavers, they work with dyes, chemicals and in dust they work while weaving so they have more breathing problems.

The nurse Mrs. Varadhamma is from this area. She is familiar with  most of the people here. She is also a very needy woman, married but left by her husband. She is living all by herself. She is happy that she has the chance of helping herself as well as helping other people who are in need.

Pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Prasada nagaram, Chirala.

Few pics from Shoshana Medical Centre, Prasadha nagaram, Chirala.

Nurse, Mr.Raju is taking care of the health centres both at Prasadha nagar area, Chirala and Swarna village. Centre at Swarna is in a more backward area where as Prasadha nagaram is close to the town but still there are many needy people here who are in need of  emergency medical help especially old people .

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