Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is the last office day for Martha here in India for this trip. We were discussing  a few things about the betterment of our work. Tomorrow morning she is leaving to Chennai and from there, she is flying back to Germany. I believe this trip went successful for her. We enjoyed our company and i think its great working together.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Karamchedu new medical centre


Today we visited Karamchedu, the new medical centre area. Karamchedu is a village 15kms away from Chirala. It is a village consisting of both very rich upper caste people and very poor communities too. All the upper caste people are towards the centre of the village and all the other backward people are on the outskirts of the village. Many times we passed this village going to Guntur and we saw the needy people on the outskirts so we ourselves wanted to support this needy area with medical help which seemed very much necessary.

The area where we are going to open the centre is a christian minority area which is called Ambethkar Colony surrounded by two more backward communities.The people here are mainly agricultural labourers and milk vendors since the entire village is surrounded by paddy fields . Almost every family in this area has their own cow. Government started building houses  for them and the area is mostly clean but still there are areas which needs immediate help from the Government which include tribal area which has people who are mainly rag pickers , sweepers and some are rearing  pigs  for meat. There are about 500 families here which come under backward castes.

We came in contact with some of the village elders and discussed our plan of arranging medical help in this area and they offered their village community hall for starting a medical centre. The nurse is also from this area. Her name is Prasanna. She had 5 years experience as a nurse in one of private hospitals in Guntur and Hyderabad. After her marriage she moved to Karamchedu to stay with her husband and he is working as a daily worker in a tobacco factory. She has a son who is 1year old and presently she is free, taking care of her son. She is willing to work at the medical centre since her in-laws are there to take care of her son at home and also she is living close to the medical centre.

Very soon we are going to open the medical centre here within a week's time. . The community hall needs painting and as soon as we finish that work, the centre will be ready for inuguration.

Thursday, February 17, 2011



Today we are free since we finished all our project visits. Myself and Martha did some shopping and some accounting. Martha bought a new dress for herself but she was furious bcoz all the nice dresses are in small sizes.We were looking for a music player for Naveen but not sure if he needs a radio or real ipod.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sampath nagar and Ramapuram medical projects


Today is our last visit to projects. Two medical centres on the outskirts of Chirala.
One is Ramapuram medical centre which is located in the fishermen area 1km away from the beach.  The medical centre here started in 2005 after the Tsunami  effect.

Around 12 fishermen died and many nets and boats were lost in the Tsunami here in Ramapuram.  Shoshana helped many families here with nets and rice bags.Many N.G.O's and Government extended their help to this area which was only one time but Shoshana wanted to give regular help to the people here with a medical support which is very much needed here.

The nurse working here is Anandakumari. She is a divorcee and she has two boys who has genetic disorders by birth. Shoshana helped one of her sons(Naveen) to get operated on his intestines  in 2008. Lately two weeks back his health deteriorated and he was almost on death bed. Many people are praying for his recovery and by God's grace he is getting better. Ananda was on leave for two weeks and she joined her duties only three days back. We visited Naveen at his home and he is getting better but he seems lonely for staying alone at home all the time. He is so weak that he is unable to walk so we are planning a care taker for him until he gets better and be on his own.

Second project is also a medical centre in Sampath nagar, Chirala. This was mainly started to give  medical support to a tribal community. The nurse working here is Maheswari.. The centre here was stared in 2003. The area here was backward and away from the town when we started and now it is slowly developing. Martha gave suggestions to the nurse regarding the betterment of her work and also for the renovation of the centre for having a  better impression of the people who get help here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Martur medical and Narasaraopet Sewing Project


Today along with Martha i visited two projects. One is Martur medical centre which is in Prakasam Dt and Narasaraopet Sewing project which is in Guntur District.

Martur is famous for Granite Cutting factories.People all over the country come over here to work as daily workers and they have special colonies near the factories for their living. Dry and dusty areas with lots of pollution. Factory workers are facing breathing problems and they are constantly hurt lifting those heavy rocks. Men and women work here and even children who are drop outs are working. Majority are granite workers , some are rickshaw pullers and daily workers in fields.

Some people from Martur formed as a society and started social activities in some needy areas like locating the drop outs and bringing them to School, water facility and as a part of their work they approached us and explained us the need of medical help in this area and requested for a medical centre.

We surveyed the area and started giving medical help here from 2005. The nurse here is Mrs.Sujatha. She is a trained nurse and midwife. She is taking care of the people here and before she used to attend delivery cases on her own  but now she is not allowed to do so she is bringing the people to the near by Government hospital if there is any emergency case. The rest like giving out medicines and infusion , she is doing at the medical centre.

Second project is a Sewing centre in Narasaraopet. The instructor here is Mrs. Santamma.  She is an experienced tailor ,working for the last 20 years and besides that teaching a few needy women  stitching for free of cost. She came to know that with our support she could help more needy women for their self help. We started working from 2007 onwards. The sewing centre area is a mixed area with middle class and very poor people. Santamma besides stitching is good in teaching wool, plastic handicrafts which are useful in everyday life and she is giving chance for the students to share their knowledge with their fellow students if they have any new ideas and lately they started putting their products even for sale.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Guntur Sewing Projects


Today our visit was to Guntur. One is a Sewing project with Anitha as Instructor. She is the youngest instructor among our projects. She is specially trained with handicrafts like embroidery, painting and producing art forms from waste materials. She came from a poor background and her parents couldn't afford to send her to school so she was working as domestic helper for a few years in Singapore. She suffered working as helper so came back to India and she started learning handicrafts.

We started working with her from 2008 onwards. She had only 5 students for the first two batches. The present batch i.e third batch has 10 students. She got used to teaching and started really getting into details and teaching the students exactly what is necessary. She has a son who is 3yrs old and her husband is a home guard. Her son was detected with intestinal problem which needs operation. She is worried and need your prayers for his speedy recovery.

Second project is also a Sewing Centre in Guntur recently changed to a beautician course for the present batch.The instructor here is Rajani . Besides tailoring she is also a beautician. She has been working with us teaching embroidery and stitching from 2005.

Being a beautician she wanted to teach beauty course for the present batch just for a change and which is also a good source of income in this present day's society. The students after finishing their course they could work in any parlour. People now are very beauty conscious and this opportunity of learning free beauty course would definitely be a help for the needy women to earn their living. I hope this small experiment from our regular work really would be a help for the women for their self help.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lohiyapuram and Epurupalem Medical Centers


Yesterday we visited two medical centers around Chirala. One is at Lohiyapuram towards Ongole and one is at Epurupalem towards Bapatla. Two areas belong to weavers community.  Majority of the people here do their traditional occupation from several generations.
Some have their own weaving Equipment and some work for a company who pays them little amount for their work which is not sufficient for their living. Majority of the weavers said that they have no unions to fight for their rights and no proper support from the Government to start their own business so some are going for different work like coolies and some old generation people who are afraid of losing their skill to pass on for future generations are staying back.

Government is allotting special areas for them to build houses instead of staying in rented houses. The Government is building houses and they have to pay back a little amount each month but most of the colonies are on the outskirts of the town. So the people  living there are far away from the town and even away from all the basic facilities.Local Government recently started building roads and giving water supply but still they doesn't have proper medical help.. Some of the local people took initiative to come up to us asking for medical help.We surveyed the area and we felt it is really needy and it would be useful for the people to have a medical help to those who can't afford to buy medicines and to those like old and handicapped people who can't afford to go to the town for even first aid help.

We started our medical support in Epurupalem in 2006 and the nurse working there is Buela Rani. She is a trained nurse with good knowledge about medication and people around her area are very happy with her services.

The Medical centre at Lohiyapuram started in 2008 and the nurse is Mrs. Varadamma. She is a village health worker who goes around the village and gives out medicines and injections. She is very familiar with the area and people there and people don't hesitate to go to her to just talk to her about their problems besides getting medical help. We are very happy with what she is doing their in that area.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pedanandipadu Sewing Project


Today we visited Pedanandipadu Sewing Project. Village surrounded by paddy and cotton fields. People mostly farmers and agricultural labourers. Mixed area with both landlords and daily workers.Majority of the single students in the sewing centre are farmers' children or married women working as daily workers.

Our instructor is Mrs. Sivakumari who's husband is a farmer too. Family depended on farming. Last year they had heavy loss on crops due to unexpected floods. At that time Sivakumari is the only support for their family. There are many such student families who are similar to her who are supporting their families in need with the knowledge they got from our Shoshana sewing centre and who are running their small tailor shops at home.

Sivakumari is a very good instructor who takes lots of care in teaching the students different new patterns available in the market. Her husband is also very supportive to her work which is a very essential part and necessary part in our work helping the society. Family support and local society support which makes her work more effective and gives scope for helping more needy women for their self help.

Railway medical centre

Visit to Shoshana medical centre- Railway area on Wednesday. One of the most needy places in Chirala who need desperate medical help. Most of the habitats in this area are migrated people from Tamilnadu in search of work. They are living in the outskirts of chirala illegally occupying the railway and municipal place for several years.

No proper place for living , in the middle of  cementary and mostly on roads in small huts. No electricity or water facility for them.People go for collecting dead animals on the railway tracks, meat for eating and selling dried bones.Some are rickshaw pullers and rag pickers. People here are far behind from the society ,un hygienic,backward  and wild.  Most men and women are drug addicts, thieves and all kinds of illegal activities.

Government started allotting housing plots for them and half of them still left behind waiting for the houses.  In rainy season the situation is even more worse, people living in half drowned houses.Shoshana started regular medical help in this area for the last three months. The nurse from Prasadha Nagaram Mr. Jaya raju is also working here in this area. There is no permanent place for the centre yet but Jayaraju is managing to give out the medicines on his bicycle just like a mobile dispensary.

The local society people applied for the Government to allot a place for them to build a medical centre so the people in this area gets regular medical help which is very necessary for these people living in such unhygienic area and no awareness of healthy life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vijayawada Sewing Projects


Yesterday we visited our sewing projects in Vijayawada. We went along with our German friends to the projects since they are making the documentary on the work of Shoshana.

First we went to Wynchpet, Vijayawada via prakasam barage. The centre is more in the old city. The instructor, Mrs.Srivani is working with us from the beginning i.e from 2001 onwards. She is the oldest instructor compared to all our insturctors .

She was a regular teacher before in a school besides stitching  and that helped her very much in teaching the students stitching with more patience. She is very helpful and friendly to the students and more like a mother to them and really fighting for those women who need help since her class is in a muslim slum area. Her husband is a retired railway employee and he is also very helpful in sharing her work. We are very happy with their work.

Next project is Shoshana Sewing Centre, Giripuram. The instructor lady is Hemima. She is a trained dress designer so she has new way of teaching the students which is very practical. She  is making special maps for the other instructors too to make their work more easy and effective.We met her family and one of her sister is also a social worker for street children and her aunt is running a day care centre for the needy children in her area so her family is more into social work. Hemima acts not just like a regular  employee but really see that the needy people in her area get help to get up from their poor situations and be independent.

On the way back to home, we were at a cotton mill and chilli fields to see the situation of the people working there .The entire process like picking cotton from the fields to making the threads and cloth is very interesting but the life of people working in hot sun, dusty and noisy mills is very pathetic. Our students who are former daily workers feel much more comfortable and happy compared to their work before setting up their own tailor shops at home or outside, earning more money than a regular worker and take care of their children.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pasumarru and Chilakaluripet Sewing projects


Today we visited two projects along with some special friends from Germany. One is Silke, member of Shoshana and a dress designer who has been helping our projects by sharing her stitching knowledge for the last  9 years and the other one is Benjamin who is a photographer, making a documentary on Shoshana and its projects in India.

First we went to Pasumarru where our project incharge Swetha is running her embroidery and painting class. She is an MBA graduate besides embroidery teacher. This is her third batch running presently. Her class is full of new and old students besides the present batch. Old students are using the centre as their work place where they meet the instructor regularly and have a chance to work under her supervision. Most of her previous students who finished the course are very well using their skills and earning sufficient money to support their families and present batch also started working while learning, about to finish their course at the end of this month. New batch is ready for the start and they came to watch the class and find out what they are going to learn. So it was a happy bunch of different students at different stages. Benjamin and Silke made an interview with Swetha and her students and they tried to capture their nature of work.

Secondly we visited Sumathi, incharge of Shoshana sewing centre, chilakaluripet. She is the mother of Swetha. She is teaching only stitching and Swetha is helping her students with painting and embroidery in her free time. Martha  felt very happy with the work of Sumathi and we had a chance to go around the area and meet some of her previous students who has small tailoring shops at their houses.

Previous students are very happy for setting up their own business at home instead of working in fields all day long and staying away from their family. They are still beginners but they are quite successful in growing their work day by day. We felt very happy to see them using their sewing class for their self help which the basic aim of Shoshana.

Swetha who is a business management graduate is in the process of using her knowledge to teach her students how to make necessary products and market them besides teaching her regular class which we expected from her from the beginning and to be an inspiration to other projects as well.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hai friends,

I feel very sad to say that the son of our nurse from Ramapuram Medical centre is in a very serious health situation. The name of the boy, Naveen was born with several genetic disorders. He is 12 years old.Three years back Shoshana helped him getting operated on his bladder but he is very weak to get along with several operations from his birth. He was better for sometime but slowly his health started getting deteriorated. We tried to make his living better but his body is not co-operating.

He is admitted in a Government hospital for the last 3 days and i hope he will make it for some more days. We need your prayers for him.

Angalakuduru Sewing Project


Our visit to the second project today is Angalakuduru Sewing Project. This is the last visit for this week.
Angalakuduru is a village, 4kms away from Tenali.

Our Sewing Project at Angalakuduru is working for the last 7 years. Around 67 women finished their stitching class successfully.

Present batch has 10 students. Silent bunch of women, learning embroidery today. The instructor Mrs.Krishnaveni is teaching them some embroidery pattern to put on cloth bags which can be used instead of plastic covers. They already prepared a few with nice simple thread work.

Already some people are interested in using them. In future if there is prohibition on plastic then the women have a chance of going into the business of making bags besides stitching.

Pacchala thadiparru medical project


Today we have been to two projects, one medical and one sewing. Medical Project is in a village called Pacchala thadi parru which is 4kms away from Ponnur and 20kms away from Guntur.

It was started recently and located besides  the main road to Guntur. P.T.parru is  more a village and the location of the medical project is in a Christian area. Local people provided their community hall for the medical centre. The area is still very poor and needy and majority of the people are daily workers. There is no near by medical help for them.

Starting a medical centre and providing free medication in that area turned out to be very useful for the people and quite practical. Ponnur is the only near by place where they can get medicines before.

Nurse working in this centre is Sukhaveni. She is a trained nurse and midwife. She improved quite a bit than before, getting along with the patients, treating them and bringing them to the doctor if necessary.

People around the area are very happy with the services and expressed their heart ful gratitude to all the donors of Shoshana.. Martha is also happy with the nurse and advised her to be patient with her people, give some space for the people to open up ,share  their problems and give them counselling  and bring out the real meaning of serving people.

Government people also came to know about our help in that area and they came forward to provide some medicines for the centre from their side sometimes, taking the help of the nurse in some of their medical help programmes and work together with the nurse.

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