Wednesday, December 28, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre,  S.C Colony, Epurupalem

Latest pics from our Shoshana Medical project - S.C Colony, Epurupalem.  Ms. Buela rani, the nurse has been with Shoshana for the last 15yrs giving first aid help in different areas of Epurupalem. First started with weavers colony and now in S.C colony of Epurupalem. Not only her , her entire family is behind her, helping her in taking care of the people here. 

Besides the patients coming to the centre, she also does house visits for those who can't come to the centre, assisting people to see the doctor if necessary. She does the Sugar and B.P checkups, if necessary she gives the normal salines like for dehydration etc

Besides Shoshana med proj, Epurupalem,  she has also  been taking care of medical projects at other areas too and she always comes first to help and assist other medical projects if there is a need.

According to the news that they may be a rise in Covid cases in the coming days, we Shoshana from our side is always ready to provide the necessary medication to the people.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Shoshana Sewing Project, Gaddipadu - Guntur.

New group of women for tailoring class

Instructor Mrs. Nirmala with her present group of women

Basically Tamil origin women, migrated to Andhra for work for over five decades. These families are in different kinds of occupation like construction workers, daily labourers, maids etc. 

The present group of women come from families who are sweepers in the municipality. These women are illiterates, into early marriages and are housewives. Due to lack of education they have no proper jobs. In order to support families they have no alternate income source except working as daily workers. Sometimes it is difficult for them especially when they have small children at home to take care of.

These women joined the sewing class so that they could support their families and could give their children a decent education. Work from home and be with the children. Besides giving the women a free sewing class, Shoshana is providing them with a sewing machine so that they could start working as soon as they finish their class.

Here are a few pics from the present group started in the month of July-2022

On behalf on Shoshana Sewing Project - Gaddipadu, I thank all the donors who are giving a tremendous support for their life changing program.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre, Lohiyapuram.

Sharing some recent pics from Shoshana Medical Centre - Lohiyapuram.

Located in the weaver's community. Majority of the population are weavers'. Weaving sarees is the main occupation. Almost every household is associated with the weaving process. Shoshana opened a Medical project here 12 yrs  back with the intention of providing first aid help to the area here which is  far away from the town. 

There were no basic facilities like roads, electricity, drinking water etc for the people here at that time when we started off but slowly over the years the area is developing but still there is no  medical facility except the medical help from Shoshana.

There is a large population of elderly people also in this area who needs regular blood pressure and Sugar check ups. Besides providing the basic medication, Shoshana provides all these checkups for free of cost and there is a regular nurse who takes care of all the basic needs.

He does house visits also for  those who couldn't  come to the centre so having a  medical centre here is a big help for the people.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Centre, Pandaripuram, Chilakaluripet

Sewing project  specially started for Tribal women in Sugali colony. Some of the tribal people  migrated from different areas of Andhra Pradesh to Chilakaluripet  for work and formed a colony called Sugali colony with temporary shelters having different occupations like rickshaw pullers,  construction workers, daily workers in the near by Tobacco company, selling small goods on streets etc. Over the years  government provided them with basic facilities for living and their living conditions are far better than before. 

Shoshana under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gertraud started a sewing project in the year 2006 with 10 women as a group and the project has been running successfully for more than 15years now helping more than 150 women in teaching sewing and embroidery and providing them with sewing machines and certificates after finishing the course. Majority of the previous students are having their own small tailor shops at home.

The present centre is at Pandaripuram, Chilakaluripet with 5 women for the sewing training. Sharing some of their pictures .

Started recently in the month of July-2022. Finished their basics and into the actual sample making process. 

Sumathi - Sewing Instructor with the women

Myself along with the women had an interaction with our M.D Mrs.Martha, and our President Mrs.Getraud via a video call and they were happy to see the women and follow what were doing so far since Mrs.Martha was not able to visit India for a couple of years.

Monday, September 26, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Project - Rosy colony, Chirala.

Rosy colony is a backward tribal  area on the outskirts of Chirala. Around 100 families are living in this colony. Population is about 500 to 600 people. They are migrants from the neighboring states and have been living here for more than four decades. Their main occupation is construction workers, richshaw pullers, waste pickers etc. Government provided land for them to build houses and they have basic living conditions.

They have no proper medical facilities near by and the nearest access is roughly four kms away from the area. On the request of the people here, Shoshana started a first aid centre recently.
 Some pics from the area.

The nurse Ms. Lavanya is in charge of the medical  project giving out basic first aid help.

There are many older people in this colony those who can't afford to go the Government hospital which is four km away from the area. 

Medical Centre is providing free blood pressure checkups  and sugar  tests for the patients. This is quiet useful for many who can't afford to pay for the tests. Also free basic medication.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Project, Gannavaram

Sharing a few pics from the Shoshana sewing project, started recently in the month of Nov-2021 for tribal women.

Second group of women  who are having a free sewing class. Already a group of five women finished their class and got their sewing machines and certificate. They started working on their own and we are going to share their pictures asap.

This is the second group of women. Their main occupation was rag picking and begging. But lately for the last  few years, they slowly started working as maids and daily workers and sending their children to school. They are still an under privileged community.

We from Shoshana is offering few sewing class for the ladies here so that they could have an alternate earning source to have a decent living.

Few pics from the sewing project:

Instructor Mrs. Malleswari with students

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Project, Johnpet, Chirala.

This post is about one of the recently started medical projects by Shoshana at Johnpet, Chirala  in the month of March-2022.

It is a christian area with people from mixed economic backgrounds but majority families are daily workers like agricultural workers, rickshaw pullers and domestic helpers... On the request of the people here, and due to the rise in corona cases , Shoshana came to know that there is a need for medical help in this area.

 The nurse Mrs. Prasanna is associated with Shoshana for quite some time now. She is taking care of another  medical project at Karamchedu village. . This is her second project.

Giving out free blood pressure checkups and medication for viral fevers.

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