Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wheel chair

In response to our post regarding the help for one of our beneficiaries at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu, one of the friends from Germany donated money to purchase a wheel chair.

Ravanamma, student from Shoshana sewing project, pedanandipadu. Shoshana sponsored a Grinder for her husband who is handicapped for his self help so that he could use it and earn some money with it.

Government gave him a wheel cart for his transport but it is quite big for him to move around in the house.  So inorder to make it easy for him to work inside the house, Shoshana purchased a wheel chair for him.

Special thanks to the German lady from Shoshana for this special help .

Friday, November 21, 2014

Shoshana medical project, Swarna

Last project visit of Martha for this year-2014. We visited Swarna village yesterday and few pics from the Shoshana medical project.

The village - Swarna is surrounded by paddy fields. Main occupation here is agriculture. Both men and women work in fields. Besides most of the people have cattle at home. Selling milk is also one of the occupations.

Medical project is  located in one of the backward areas of Swarna where most people are agricultural labourers. On the outskirts of the village, far away from the  medical shop and hospital and the middle of the village is where all the high caste Hindus live.

Raju, Nurse checking the diabetic patient with a sugar testing kit

People have trust on the nurse and even though he is working at one of the medical centres in Chirala , he is very happy to take care of the needy people in Swarna too.

People here in this area are very happy to have the medical support and besides medication free blood sugar  and B.P check ups are quite helpful for them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shoshana medical centre, Lohiyapuram.

Lohiyapuram is a small area near to Vetapalem village, which is around 10km away from Chirala town.

This area is a combination of three different communities like muslims, weavers and Christians. Shoshana medical project is now located in Vigneswara colony where the majority of people are weavers. Government alloted them free land and start up amount to build permanent houses.

Shoshana started medical support in this area in 2008 after finding out that there is no possible medical help in this area, far away from the town even for first aid help, no medical shop near by and majority are very needy people who can't afford to buy basic medication.

Majority of weavers are workers for some shop owners in town. The materials and other equipment is provided by them and they get weekly payments for the no.of sarees they make.

Shoshana arranged  a regular nurse at this centre with free medication and free blood pressure check ups. Lately we have a no of needy people who are requesting for free blood sugar check ups and medication.

Some of the society members arranged for a blood technician yesterday for diabetic check ups besides the regular medication and our nurse Mrs.Varadhamma helped him in giving out the medication.

This camp turned out to be quite useful for the nurse too to get some suggestions from the medical practioner too for better treatment.

Sewing projects in Guntur.

Shoshana is running four sewing projects in Guntur. Starting from the very first one in 2000 and the recently started one was in 2011.

The pics and details of the first two projects were uploaded in the first week of Nov-14 and yesterday we visited the last two sewing projects.

One in Mutyalareddy nagar and one in Nagaralu area, Guntur.
The students at Nagaralu were making fancy clothes for their children. Still they are at the practicing stage.
Rajani, the instructor besides stitching,  has good skill in embroidery and painting. She is a beautician too. She has several options of teaching the needy women depending on the situation demand.

Besides the over all supervision, distribution of sewing machines and certificates to the students those who finished their free training course. Our Managing Director Mrs.Martha carried on the distribution program.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Medical projects in Chirala.- Prasadha nagaram and Sai nagar.

The nurses Mr.Jayaraju and Ms.Buela rani are taking care of the medical projects. Both working at two different medical projects each run by Shoshana.

 Both have the experience of working in different hospitals. Recently they started giving out free diabetic checkups and prescribed medication  too so it is quite helpful for the patients those who can't afford to pay money for the blood tests and medicine.

The nurse Ms.Buela rani is taking in patients too sometimes when they are in need of infusions.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Medical Camp at Shoshana Medical Centre, Pacchala Thadiparru village.

The local society, who is supporting the medical centre, arranged diabetic camp at this village. The centre has lots of diabetic patients so inorder to give better treatment for them the society members arranged a diabetic specialist Mrs.Dr.Padmavathi  to check the patients.
The doctor Mrs.Padmavathi is a famous diabetic doctor in Guntur and she has her own private hospital.

The response was so good and many people utilized the camp. Many border line diabetic patients were found and it turned out to be very useful for them.

The doctor had a team of blood technicians and medical representatives . Blood sugar and blood pressure check ups were done before and necessary medication was given out for free to the patients.

The medical centre run by Shoshana has been serving the needy people in this area for last 3 years and recently made free blood sugar check ups also available in this centre besides the regular first aid medication.  On the request of the people the local societies decided to conduct camps with doctors depending on the need.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Shoshana Sewing project, Angalakuduru village.

Training needy women for their self help skills has been going on for the last few years.
Shoshana is supporting the women to be independent. We have few stories of women who took this training program as their full time profession for their better life.

Angalakuduru is a agricultural village with mainly lemon and banana fields. Both men and women work in fields. Few have their own fields and majority are agricultural labourers.

Our sewing project also have women from mainly agricultural background. Uneducated or school drop outs. Some are housewives and many are coolies in fields.

Most of the students come from Hindu community, that too from a forward caste. It was surprising to hear that many are converted to Christianty  and when we visited the project few women requested our M.D Mrs.Martha to pray for them.

Visit to the only beach medical project run by Shoshana.

Ramapuram, beach village on the outskirts of Chirala.

Fishermen community. Working for big export companies on weekly wages basis. Only one or two have their own small boats but majority are workers.

The medical centre started in 2005 especially after the Tsunami effect. Ramapuram is also one of the effected areas. 2 died but mainly loss of property like fishing nets and boats. Shoshana sponsored fishing nets to a few families.

Inorder to have a long term help to the effected area, Shoshana started a medical help in this area with a nurse and free medication. Mainly first aid help since the area is too far away from the hospital.

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