Wednesday, June 19, 2024

 Request for a sewing project - Auto nagar, Vijayawada

Got a request from Auto nagar area, Vijayawada for a sewing class.

Slum area with around 35 families living by the side of the road with temporary shelters. Majority of them are waste pickers. Both men and women go out to collect waste, some are rickshaw pullers and a few are house helpers.

Some of the children go to Government schools and a few grown up children are going along with parents for rag picking. School drop outs and early marriages are quite common here.

The sewing instructor  who is managing the sewing projects in Vijayawada came to know that some of the women are interested to learn stitching in this area so she wants to help them with a tailoring class. First group starts with around 4 women and the course will be for 6 to 7 months and after finishing the class we would help them with a sewing machine and a tool kit so that they can start working as soon as they finish their class.  Depending on the need we would like to continue helping more women in this area.

Saturday, June 8, 2024


The present group of women who started their tailoring class in July-2023 is about to finish their training. In order to support them in start working as soon as their finish the class, Shoshana distributed sewing machines and tool kits to all the women who are in the group.

Anil, one of the members of Community Development Society along with the instructor Mrs. Santhamma handed over the machines to the ladies.

I thank all the donors for making a difference in the lives of these young women and their families. Appreciate your continuous support.

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