Friday, June 24, 2011

Visit to Angalakuduru sewing project

My visit to Angalakuduru Sewing Project which was started in 2004. The instructor is Mrs. Krishnaveni. Angalakuduru is a big village which is near to Tenali and is full of banana and lemon fields. The students we have over there are mostly from agricultural back ground.  Either farmers or daily workers in fields. Lately it is difficult for them to depend completely on farming because of in sufficient rains or flooding so the people are looking for other alternatives for their livelihood besides farming .

Women are interested in tailoring and embroidery with which they could earn some money working at home. It is a sure income source for them provided how much time they spend per day. At this Sewing centre, we completed 7 batches which is around 67 students and we have a present batch of 10 students, morning and evening batches. It was started last year September so they are towards the end of the course.

Krishnaveni recently changed her sewing centre to a different house and my visit was mainly to check out the area and meet the students since they are going to finish their course soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Inuguration of Medical Centre at Railway station area, Chirala.

Hai friends,

Yesterday evening we had the inuguration of the medical centre at railway station area , Chirala.
As you know we have a mobile medical centre in this area for the last 6 months for the tribal people. The same nurse from Prasadha Nagaram, Chirala, Mr.Raju has been working here.

Since there is no place for him to set up  a medical project, he has been giving out medicines to this people here on the road under a tree but it was hard for him to stay there on the road in the hot weather or when it rains so the local society people and a few friends came together to set up a multi purpose room for the benefit of the people.

Local society people and few volunteers from Netherlands have been helping the people here now and then. The people here are migrated from different states and they are leading a very pathetic life far behind the normal life. They have small temporary huts and mostly they are  living on the roads.The entire area is filled with dirt and very unhygienic surroundings. Some localites with the help of other friends helping the people here bringing their requests to the Government and preaching them the word of God and striving hard helping
 them to  get rid of their bad habits and illegal activities.

Now we have a small multipurpose room here in this area which is used as a prayer hall, medical centre as well as cyclone relief shelter for the people. It is called Village of Hope. It is no more called a slum area but
it s a village which has lot of hope of complete change in their life style.Yesterday it was inugurated with a small prayer and all the people who supported for the construction participated in this program and the people here are very happy to have a medical centre so that they can have a regular medical support for them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

visit to Ramapuram medical project


My recent visit to Ramapuram medical project.  Ramapuram is one of the beach areas in Chirala with fishermen community living there. Ramapuram is far away from the town. It is the second most needy places among our medical projects till now. First is the railway area with tribal community with no knowledge of health and hygiene. Ramapuram is the second one. I can say it is slowly developing. Besides Shoshana some other NGO's are also working for the development of this area . The way to this area is peaceful and beautiful with fields and palm trees.

Ananda Kumari is the nurse working there. She is Naveen's mother.She lost Naveen two months back and she is slowly getting along now. She has one more son, elder brother of Naveen. He is 15yrs old studying 9th standard in a residential school at Visakhapatnam.  Sad thing is her elder son also was born with a defect, with a cleft on his mouth. He had problems, eating and drinking.

He had a surgery before but it was not fully rectified.  Recently he had the same problem difficulties in eating, he had a small hole on the roof  inside his mouth and small particles were coming out of his nose while eating or drinking. He had an operation to close the hole, a week back. It takes a few days to heal. Right now he is staying with his mother in Chirala and i met him at the Medical project, Ramapuram.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

visit to medical area - train station, chirala.

Hai friends,

Today my visit to the railway station area, chirala where we are giving medical support to the tribal people for the last few months. Its actually on the outskirts of Chirala, area specially alloted to the Cementary but some tribals, specially migrants from Tamilnadu are staying there in small temporary huts besides the Cementary on the roads.

This is the area with utmost unhygienic conditions which needs necessary medical support as well as cleaning from the local Government. Till now our Nurse Mr. Raju has been running a mobile first aid service there since we have no proper place to set up a medical centre.

Lately the society people who are taking care of this place got permission from the Government to build a temporary room for the medical centre. The estimation for the construction is around 30,000 rupees and some local people are really helpful in sharing the burden of paying for the construction which is meant for the noble cause of helping poor people with proper medicine. Most propably the room will be ready by the end of this month. This would really help the people there to have a regular nurse even during the rainy season once they have this centre.

Happy news is that the people here got drinking water facility(municipal tap ) just one week back from the Government.

Friday, June 3, 2011

hai friends,

I am happy to inform you all that one of our embroidery instructors Ms.Swetha got engaged today at Chilakaluripet. Swetha is an M.B.A student and she is very much interested in handicrafts. She was teaching painting and embroidery to her mother's students who also has a sewing centre at Chilakaluripet.

After she completed M.B.A ,she wanted to start her own embroidery centre at Pasumarru for the needy women there in that area with the support of Shoshana . Being a business management student she wants to teach business skills for her students besides teaching them her knowledge in painting and embroidery.  She is one of our best teachers and most of her students also are very successful in their self help.

She got engaged today to a banker and her marriage is on 19th of this month. Hope her husband supports her in her work and i wish them all the best for their future.

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