Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr.Berny's visit to Bapatla Sewing Project

My visit to Bapatla Sewing Project along with Dr.Berny.

Shoshana Sewing centre, Bapatla is the nearest sewing centre we have from Chirala town. Manjula rani the tailoring instructor invited us to see her students working and showed us the products they were making for sale.

Manjula rani recently completed her 10 years of working experience with Shoshana. She has good experience of teaching at different places from Khammam to Vijayawada and then to Bapatla. So far in this 10 years she helped more than 90 women for their self help.

Manjula explained the different types of painting and embroidery patterns and also the products the students were making for sale.

Dr.Berny shared a good interaction with the students and manjula's family regarding their working experience and their future goals to achieve.

Dr.Berny's visit to Epurupalem medical project

Dr.Berny from Germany one of the donors of Shoshana visited our medical project at Epurupalem.
Being a doctor himself is very much interested to see the kind of first aid help we are providing in the medical projects. Few pics showing his visit to Epurupalem.

The nurse Buela rani attending her patients who are mostly daily workers in that Christian colony.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr.Berny,Germany visit to Shoshana medical projects-Lohiyapuram and Epurupalem

Dr.Berny from Germany, a very good friend of Martha visited our medical projects in Lohiyapuram and Epurupalem yesterday.

Dr.Berny checking the kind of medication available at the Medical centre, Lohiyapuram. Trying to find  out from the nurse, Varadhamma the common diseases in that area.

Berny told the people in the medical centre that in western countries,though there are financial good compared to our country they have more mental problems like depression etc than physical problems.

since the medical centre is in the weaver's colony Berny is very interested to see the weaving unit and the hand woven sarees.

with local kids

Typical Government houses at Lohiyapuram and our medical centre running in one of them.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tenth anniversary of Shoshana sewing centre, Bapatla.

Tenth anniversary celebrations at Shoshana Sewing Centre, Bapatla.

Manjula the instructor at Shoshana Sewing Centre, Bapatla completed her 10 years of working with Shoshana. She belongs to Grace welfare society which started off with a sewing centre first at Ravinuthala, Khammam district.

Later in 2006 she moved to Gollapudi, Vijayawada-Krishna district.

Presently she is training the women at Bapatla in stitching for their self help. She moved here in 2010.

Picture of Martha at Shoshana sewing Centre, Ravinuthala in Feb-2002

We had a small gathering with some of the students from the sewing centre and with the friends of Manjula's younger son. We had cake cutting and very good lunch afterwards.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dental camp at Shoshana Medical Project,Prasadha nagaram,Chirala..

The local society(Bethesda Help Society) of Shoshana Medical Centre, Prasadha nagaram, Chirala organised dental camp on 10th Feb at the Medical centre premises with a team of dentists.

Team of dentists from Chirala and Guntur participated in the camp.
Program was started with Martha, Managing Director-Shoshana.Germany along with the society members and local politicians.

School children and the people from that area utilized the services at the camp.

On the whole Martha's Project visits for this time schedule  finished with a good event which is quite useful for the needy people.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prasadha nagaram and railway area medical project

Pictures of the nurse Jaya Raju working at two medical projects.

Prasadha nagaram - One of the developing area in Chirala town but still having needy people for medical support among the well off people.

Second medical project is near the Chirala railway station .

With the help of a few local donors, society members who take care of this area were able to build a small room for the medical centre where the nurse Jaya raju could arrange the medical equipment.

The most needy slum in the town. People are very backward. No proper houses, illterally living on roads amidst the cementary in a very unhygienic surroundings. People are very poor rag pickers and coolies. Men are mostly alchoholics and drug addicts where as women are prostitutes.

 Chirala railway station in a close distance.
 Cementary beside the village of hope.
Rag pickers and coolies

Migrated people from different states living in temporary huts.

 Children in need of vitamins, medication for cold and cough and for skin problems.

Shoshana along with other NGO's from Netherlands adopted this area to provide basic facilities to them like clothing, utensils and medical support.

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