Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pics of new batch women at Shoshana sewing centre, Venkatapaiah colony, Guntur.

Shoshana sewing centre, Venkatappaiah colony, Guntur.

New batch of women started their stitching and embroidery class in Jan-13

The instructor Mrs.Anitha teaching the basics to the women.
I heard from the women that most of them are working in chilli farms and go downs as chilli pickers and they earn around 100-150 rs per day.

It is a difficult job for them as all day long they have to work, surrounded by thousands of tons of chillies.

Here they have the opportunity of joining the sewing class and they are making out time to utilize the free training classes.

This would definitely help them to set up their own alternative work source for them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visit to Sewing Project, Rajiv Gandhi nagar, GunturN

New batch of women at Shoshana sewing centre, Rajiv Gandhi nagar, Guntur.

Nirmala and Kamala with the new batch of women

The new batch started in Nov-2012 and the instructors Nirmala and Kamala are taking care of both Stitching, Embroidery and  Painting for the same set of women.
All the women are married coming from a below middle class families mostly painters, daily workers.etc

There is one special case in this batch. Small girl who is 13 years of age. Her name is Shabnam. Usually we prefer girls who finished their school for the course but this girl really needed our support to build her carrier.

Shabnam with Nirmala ( Instructor )
Shabnam is a muslim girl whose parents are daily workers. She has speech problem  since childhood and so she was bullied by her classmates at School. It was difficult for her to cope with them and so she dropped school in the middle. She was confused about her future and her parents having heard about our free sewing class encouraged her to join the course and now she is feeling confident about her self help in future even without enough education.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hai friends

Wishing you all success and happiness in the new year-2013  I am starting my work again in this new year.

Pics of my latest visit to Martur medical project.

Martur is mainly a Granite area with lots of Granite factories. We have our medical centre in a newly formed area with mostly coolies in the near by fields and granite factories.

The nurse working here is Mumtaz. She has been working with us for one year. She is a nice lady and taking good care of the people here. She is familiar with the area and people are quite confident with her treatment.

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