Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New sewing batch - Nagaralu, Guntur.

Pics of new batch of women for sewing class at Nagaralu, Guntur.

The new batch for the sewing training started from 1st of Feb-13.

The instructor Mrs.Vasantha showing the basics to the women.

I will bring you  more information about the women in my next post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hafeeza - Student from Shoshana sewing centre, Bapatla

Story of a woman named Hafeeza who has been taking stitching training in our sewing centre, Bapatla since July-12.

Some of the woman who are getting the chance of joining free sewing class are going through very bad situations in life yet they are believing that having a stitching and embroidery training would definitely help them change their life situations and make it much better than before.

One of such examples is Mrs.Hafeeza.

Hafeeza is a 23yr old muslim woman. She joined the training class in July-12. She is married and both wife and husband are daily workers living in small straw hut. She has a small boy of 4yrs of age.

Hafeeza's husband was addicted to alchohol and borrowed lots of money in their area. Lot of pressure was on him and in order to escape, he commited suicide by burning himself.

After his death the problems increased for her. Now she has to pay back all the debts. She is staying with her mother and they are running a small shop. The little money she earns, most of it goes in paying the debts.

She is making time to attend the sewing class and the instructor Manjula is helping her in getting some orders to stitch small items so she could earn some money during the training period.

After finishing her class she would like to set up her own tailoring shop besides their small vegetable  shop. In this present situation she can't afford to get a sewing machine on her own so she is requesting if she could get a machine she could be independent and can give her son a better education.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Guravamma from Shoshana sewing project, Bapatla.

Pics of my visit to Shoshana sewing Centre, Bapatla.

This time i would like to share the background details of some of the women at our sewing centre, Bapatla and the situations in which they are getting the training course.

I would like to share the story of a girl named Guravamma who has been taking stitching training in our sewing centre, Bapatla since july-12.

Guravamma is a small girl of 15 yrs of age. She is a school drop out. She  finished primary education in a Government school. She had to give up studies in order to support the family.
Her problems really started when her mother got sick and died of throat cancer two years back.  Her mother was a daily worker. She comitted suicide by cutting her throat , unable to bear the pain from cancer leaving behind four small children and husband. Guravamma's father was also a daily worker but he was addicted to alchohol after his wife died and now he too got sick and unable to work.
Guravamma with her father and sister

Guravamma and her elder sister who is 16yrs old are working as domestic helpers for their living. They are living in a very small incomplete house with meagre facilities. Both are running their house with a very little income they earn.
Very sad to see the small girls working very hard for their living where as  other children of their age are in School.

This is all what they have. Her younger brothers who are 13 and 11yrs of age are studying in a Government school.

Guravamma with the Instructor Manjula at her sewing class.
Guravamma's sister joined her in the sewing class hoping that their financial status who be better after the training class and they could even support their brothers in getting good education.

Besides the training she also need a sewing machine so she could set up her own work place.
She is very thankful for the support she is getting from Germany to continue her class.

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