Monday, September 24, 2012

My visit to one of our medical centres in Chirala.

Beach medical project - Ramapuram,  which is around 10km away from Chirala town located 1km away from the sea specially located in the fishermen community.

Nurse, Ananda kumari

Dengue fever is very much effective in the town at present and Ramapuram also has a few cases of this fever.

Fishermen are still living in very unhygienic surroundings so they  have lot of mosquitoes.

Besides our medical support in that area,  Government is also conducting lot of medical camps with Government doctors specially since they have dengue cases.

The nurse, Anandakumari is giving general medication to the people here and if there is any special case she is taking it to the notice of the Government hospital officials.
Besides this the sea shore is full of waste because of Lord Ganesh immersion. All the chemical colors, plastic etc is hanging on the shore.

It would be good for the community here if the Government takes some preventive measures regarding the pollution.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pics of Shoshana Sewing Centre, Chilakaluripet.

Sumathi, the instructor at this project recently changed her house. Here are a few pics showing her new place.

Both Sumathi and Swetha are working together at the same place. Both training the students in stitching and embroidery each.
Swetha(Instructor) with her students

Sumathi's husband taking care of his grand daughter while his wife and daughter are working.
Sumathi's husband is a farmer and he is very much supportive to his family's working together with Shoshana in helping many women for their self help.

Sumathi(Instructor) with her students

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pics of the embroidery project at Chilakaluripet.

Instructor, Swetha(left) along with her new batch of students

Swetha is a Business management graduate. She is also a previous student from Shoshana sewing centre, Chilakaluripet which is run by her mother, Sumathi who teaches tailoring to the needy women.Besides sewing training from her mother she also got advanced training in painting and hand work from outside.

Firstly she started training her mother's students with her skill besides going to college. After she finished her college instead of taking up a regular job , she wished she could work with Shoshana and help some more needy women from the nearby villages for their self help.

She first started her training at Pasumarru village which is 5km from Chilakaluripet in the year 2009. So far she trained around 34 women. She is training women in embroidery and painting.

All these women are from Sugali colony, Chilakaluripet.  Sugali colony is a tribal colony. People from this colony were migrates from different parts of the country in search of jobs. Here majority of them are daily workers in near by tobacco company, rickshaw pullers, household workers etc. Government provided them with permanent houses.

Swetha got married last year with a banker. She decided to continue working with Shoshana. Because of her pregnancy and delivery she moved to Chilakaluripet and she is working along with her mother in the same place. This is her first batch of women after her delivery.

Swetha along with her daughter

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