Saturday, November 3, 2012

Name of the student:  Guravamma

Guravamma is one of the students from Shoshana sewing centre, Bapatla.
She is a young girl of 15yrs of age. She is a drop out and her parents couldn't afford to send her to school since  her father has a very small job and he has to take care of  5 members. They are living in a small rented house.

She has one elder sister and two younger brothers.
She and her elder sister were out of school and they started working as domestic helpers in order to support their family. Her mother was very sick and she passed away last year.

From then on they have more trouble at home. Her father is a Gas stove repair guy and he earns very small income. Since he is an alchoholic  he uses up all his money for his drinking and he is away from home most of the time. Guravamma and her sister has to work to run their house and to take care of their younger brothers who are in school. Infact sometimes they have to provide money for their father.

Manjula, our instructor from Sewing project,, Bapatla came to know about her situation and encouraged her to join the class and showed special interest in training her. Sometimes if necessary she made special timings for her since she has to work for her living.
 This training gives her some scope to earn more  and make her living better.

Guravamma with instructor Manjula

Situations like this in the lives of some people at a very young age shows how difficult it is to get on but with the help of many donors  they are really privileged to get one more chance to make their lives better.

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