Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visit to our very first Sewing project in Guntur.

This is our first Project and also the first Sewing project in our Organization started in 2000 September. Nirmala is the instructor.  This is the place where we started our first batch of stitching course, ten years ago. Till now Nirmala had around 108 women who completed their tailoring and embroidery course and majority of them are independent now with their own business.  Now she has a present batch of 8 students who started their class in April-11.

The place where she is staying now is a rented one and her society people are taking the responsibility of paying the rent for her house. The house is an old one and it is difficult for her to work there in the rainy season so she is planning to move soon to a different house. The present students will complete their course end of  Nov-11. For the next batch we could expect her working in some different area where there is a need for poor women for their self help. She herself is a victim of domestic violence and with the support of Shoshana she became independent and she is successful in taking care of her children all by herself  and as well helping many women who came from similar situations by teaching them besides encouraging them to stand on their own.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our new Office Gate

Hai friends,

we have a new gate for our office lately. I would like to share it with you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visit to P.T.Parru medical project


Atlast rains started here in our area.  Some relief from the hot weather. It was raining when i visited P.T.Parru medical project. It is 4km away from Ponnur besides the main road.

I am happy that it is working fine and more people are utilizing the services. The Nurse Mrs.Sukhaveni also got used to her work and she is taking more responsibility of the  needy.  Government is conducting medical camps now and then so the nurse has the opportunity to take advice from the doctors too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Sewing instructor, Guntur

Instructor Replacement

Our Sewing Centre at Visadala completed two batches of stitching course successfully. The instructor at Visadala Mrs. Lavanya has some health problems so for better treatment her family is moving to a different place. Keeping in view the need of the area, the local society people decided to continue the next batch at Guntur. They introduced me to a new instructor lady who is interested to work with us and to take care of the needy women who are willing to learn stitching in her area.

The new tailor lady is Mrs.Vasantha. She is a widow and has a son who is studying his Engineering second year and she is living with her mother. She has enough space to set up the sewing project at her house itself. She has been stitching since long time . She used to conduct crash course in stitching in summer time for some women in her area so she has enough experience in teaching.  In this area there is a scope for helping some needy women. Keeping in view the requirement i think we could continue the next batch of training in stitching here in Guntur.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Visit to Narasaraopet Projects

My visit to Narasaraopet Sewing and Medical Projects.

First i visited the Medical project which was started in December last year in one of the  slum colonies on the out skirts of Narasaraopet.  The project is running well. The Nurse, Mrs.Padmavathi worked as a health worker in the local Government sector before and she was alloted this area for distributing medicines once a month so she has good connections with the people in this area and she has the knowledge of the common diseases of the people here. Having a regular medical help here in this area turned out to be really helpful and the people also seems to have no inhibitions visiting the centre since they have faith in the treatment of the nurse. This centre is even convenient for the  Government to distribute medicines on their behalf when they have medical camps and the nurse also has the scope to assist and  learn from the doctors during the camps.

Second one is the Sewing project which was started in December last year.  The first batch of 10 students completed their course end of last month and from July- 1st onwards the teacher Mrs.Satyavathi has new batch of ten students. Majority of the students are married women coming from a poor background like daily workers, house maids. They seem happy with the opportunity of free stitching course and interacting with them i was convinced that they seems confident of using their skills for their self help and also supporting their families after the course.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New office gate.

We are going to get a new front gate for our office in a couple of days. Still under work. It will be ready by the end of next week.

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