Monday, July 30, 2012

Pics of one of the students from Shoshana Sewing Centre,  Venkatapaiah Colony, Guntur.

Devi is the name of the woman, student from our sewing centre, Guntur. She was the first batch student from this centre. Started her tailoring and embroidery training in 2008 and finished her one year training in 2009.
Devi at the sewing centre
Devi along with other students, instructor Anitha, Martha

Devi  is a married woman but she lost her husband at a very young age. Her husband was also a coolie.She is living in a small house with her daughter who is in school. She is a very hard working woman. She was  a daily worker before getting the training.

Now she set up her own business as a tailor, running a small cloth store with ready made stuff.
Devi's tailoring shop

She recently started her own sewing centre teaching a few students.
Devi with her students
As a single parent she is working really hard to build up her business and in taking care of her daughter.
She is really a good example for other woman who are under training and also who finished their training.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pics of two more previous students at our Shoshana sewing centre, Nagaralu, Guntur.

One is Tirupathamma, married, 25yrs of age. She is a school drop out.

She has a daughter and a son. She had problems with her husband for a long time.
Her husband left her so she has to take care of her family. She was working as a sales girl when she got the chance of joining the free tailoring class. She recently finished her class.

Tirupathamma at the sewing centre
Tirupathamma with the instructor Mrs.Vasantha

 She is living with her children in a small rented house in the same area, Nagaralu.
Her kids are very small so it was quite difficult for her to go out for work .Her work timing are not fixed. since she is the main earning member in her family it was compulsory for her to leave her children on their own.

After finishing her class, she has now another alternative job for her living.
She is very happy now that she got her own sewing machine and she could as well work from home. Recently she started working as a full time tailor.

Name of the student: Koteswari

She is also from the first batch of tailoring class(Nagaralu). Recently finished her class and got a sewing machine.

She was working as a coolie when she got the opportunity of joining the free sewing training class.

 Her husband is also a  coolie in a vegetable market.and lately her husband opened a small tea shop and koteswari made up her own tailor shop at home after finishing her training.

She is living in a rented house with her husband and son who is 3yrs old.
It is quite convenient for her to work from home besides she could take care of her kid. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Details of one of the previous students at our Sewing project in a area called Nagaralu, Guntur.

Name of the student: Sireesha

She is a 22year old woman. She is single  and school drop out. She is living in a rented house with her parents, and one younger sister and brother.

Her father is a Barbar. She lost her mother when she was a child. Her father got married again. She had to stop her school because she was forced by her step mother to take part in the household work and also had to care of her younger sister and brother.
She considers herself as a neglected child by both her parents.

She is still very much mistreated at home and there are regular instances where she was not even given food.
In this situation she had the opportunity of having a free training in tailoring at our Shoshana sewing centre and she utilized the time properly and finished her training.

Sireesha during her training program
Sireesha with her tailoring instructor, Vasantha
Martha with the first batch of students at Nagaralu

She finished her training in last March -12 and she was provided with a sewing machine recently.  In the meantime she started stitching clothes at our centre for more practice and also to earn some pocket money for herself.

Now since she got her own machine she started her work from at home but she still have problems at home. Luckily her marriage is fixed and she is going to get married soon. I hope she will get support from her husband and she will be successful in using her skill for her better ment in life.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I would like to introduce the new batch of students at our Shoshana sewing centre, Venkatappaiah colony, Guntur. Batch has few married women and the rest are girls who are school drop outs. Almost all of them are daily workers in the near by chilli yard.

Morning batch of women for sewing training at Guntur.

They earn around 100 to 150 rupees a day but their work is seasonal. It is compulsory for them that both men and women have to work to run their families since all of them belong to poor financial background.
 They are adjusting the training time according to their work time.

Embroidery work made by the students
cloth bags instead of plastic bags
This training in tailoring and embroidery is a good option for them to earn their living when they are out of their regular work or they could also settle down as full time tailors.

This batch started two months back and the instructor Mrs.Anitha showing some of the samples made by the students.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Name of the student: K.Deva kumari
She  is a married, Christian with 28 yrs of age.
She is from a village called Gannavaram which is 30 minutes drive from Vijayawada City. After finishing her school education she got married to a Pastor.
In villages usually pastors will not have a proper income of their own since they work mostly among poor people. Inorder to support her husband she is working as a domestic helper .
She has a son(12yrs), deaf  by birth and a daughter who is 8 yrs of age. Both are in a Government school.
Hearing about the sewing classes at Giripuram, Vijayawada from her husband, Deva kumari joined as a special student at Hemima’s place only during weekends. She used to come by a bus to Vijayawada from Gannavaram. She recently finished her one year training in stitching.
Provided with a machine from Shoshana, she started her own work as a tailor. Besides that she started her own sewing centre at Gannavarm with 10 students charging 100 rupees each per month. She is quite confident in her work as a teacher. Ofcourse she can’t run the centre for free since she needs money for her living but she is ready to give free classes to needy women once in a while. She is very happy for the support she got from Shoshana for her self help as well as for having a position to help others.

Friday, July 6, 2012


So far projects are working fine. Some of the sewing projects in Guntur at different stages of training.

Here are some pics.

Instructor Nirmala(Guntur) with her students

Nirmala with deaf and dumb student who obviously needs more attention from the teacher.

Kamala with embroidery students

2nd batch students at Nagaralu
Instructor Vasantha with one her student

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