Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visit to Angalakuduru Sewing Project

Pics of cloth bags with little embroidery made by the ladies at our Sewing Project in  Angalakuduru.village which is in Guntur District.

 Cloth Bags instead of Plastic bags which are very much used now in the market and also like nice small presents for the donors from the projects.

The tailoring instructor here is Mrs.Krishnaveni. She was in a bad situation when we first met her in 2004, mistreated by her husband and without job. Knowing about her from one of her society members ,Shoshana supported her and as of now she is quite happy with her work helping lots of needy women like her for their self help besides taking care of her children on her own.

 Few pics from that area

Martha with present batch students.

Today's visit to Tadiparru medical project

Today myself and Martha had a nice time talking to a lively bunch of women at our Medical Project in Tadiparru.

Tadiparru is a small village in Guntur District. It is on the way to Guntur about 20km away. Mainly an agricultural village. Group of people in that area built a community hall to conduct welfare programs for the needs of the villagers. As a part of it, they applied for medical help in that area which is very much needed.

The nurse working here is Sukhaveni.  She is native of this area and she is quite familiar with the people. People are quite confident with her treatment and she is friendly towards them. 
Presently there is no case of special problem, general medication is needed specially for body pains, cold and cough.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Visit to our very first medical centre, Kadavakuduru.

Today we visited our medical Centre at Kadavakuduru. Our very first medical centre. Started in 2000 and giving services for the needy people in that area for the past 11 years.

Kadavakuduru is a small village in Prakasam District. Main occupation of the villagers is agriculture. They work all day long in fields under the sun so mainly they come to medical centre for pain pills and vitamins.

Presently the medical centre is located in a fishermen area belonging to a special tribe. In the surrounding area there are two day care centres those who take care of  their children when they are away for work and their medical needs are taken care by the nurse Raja kumari.

The nurse in her leisure time, going around the area to look out for people those who are in need of medical help, like those who are bed ridden and helping some people go to a hospital in town those who are in need of major medical help

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visit to our beach medical projects

Our visit to the beach medical projects located in Sampath nagar and Ramapuram.  Specially started for the fishermen families who are effected during the Tsunami in 2004.   Shoshana, Germany donated fishing nets to the fishermen families and with the intention of helping them for a longer period and knowing that there is no proper medical facility in that area we started  a primary medical care centre with a regular medical help.
Nurse working here is Anandakumari. She recently lost her son Naveen aged 11 yrs. He had birth defects and many friends from Germany sponsored for his operation but inspite of all the efforts he passed away in last March-11.

Our second visit is to the medical centre at Sampath nagar. This area is also close to the sea on the outskirts of Chirala. Needy area for basic medical help. The Nurse Maheswari is taking care of the Centre here.

The people here are mainly agricultural labourers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Karamchedu medical project

Pics from our recent visit to Karamchedu medical project.

Karamchedu is a small village near Chirala.  We specially planned to set up a primary health centre in that village because there is a particular slum area called Ambedkar colony on the outskirts of this village. which is surrounded by waste heaves. Since it is on the end of the village all the waste from the town is dumped in that area.  The tribal people in that area are rearing pigs for their meat and  they are living in a very dirty surroundings with lot of mosquitoes and unclean drinking water.

Inorder to provide the basic medical help we decided to start a medical centre in this area, one year back with Prasanna as the nurse.

Some elders in that area are taking care of the maintenance of the centre with major support given by Shoshana, Germany. People are very happy for the help.

Pedanandipadu Sewing project

Tailoring Centre as well as work shop. Sivakumari is the tailoring instructor.

Pedanandipadu is a  village in Guntur District.  Myself and Martha visited that place to see the women who are getting training at our Sewing project. Majority of the woman are daily workers in chilli and cotton fields. They are balancing their time to utilize the free stitching course.

Its not just a training centre for needy women but also a work shop where they could produce items for sale. This way they could earn some money while training.

Women are very happy with the way Sivakumari is taking care of them and encouraging them.

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are pr...