Wednesday, November 10, 2021

 Shoshana Medical Project - Vijayawada.

Shoshana Medical projects are running continuously even during the peak Covid period for the medical needs of the needy people. All the nurses  gave their services at their capacity despite  having the fear of Covid.

Now that the situations are little better and the medical projects are running normally and are fully   prepared even if there is a rise in the Covid cases. Not only at the medical projects, Shoshana took the  opportunity in distributing protective equipment to the Community health workers who were on duty during the Covid period.

Sharing some pics from Shoshana medical project - Vijayawada

The Nurse Mrs. Sandhya had a paralytic stroke a couple of years back and had partial paralysis. She was maintaining the project with a helper. Now she is able to look after the project again on her own.


Sewing Project - Gamela Bazar, Vijayawada.

Sewing Project which is started recently for the Rag picking women is going on good. The women are very much interested to learn a new skill which could give them another opportunity to change their living conditions. The instructor Ms.Hemima is taking special interest to teach them even though it is difficult for her compared to the regular teaching surroundings.

Interesting part is even some men are interested to join the class. If possible, the instructor also wants to take in one or two men. Most of the people lost their work during the Covid situation so they want to take up anything which could help them to survive.

Sharing some of the pics from the group.

The main aim of Shoshana is to help the needy women for their self help would be fulfilled when these women use the skill to change their living conditions and their families have better life.

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