Friday, February 3, 2012

Medical camp, Lohiyapuram

Pictures from the medical camp conducted at Lohiyapuram medical centre.

Lohiyapuram is an area in Vetapalem village belonging to Prakasam district. This area is on the outskirts of the village specially alloted for the down trodden people by the Government. This area has people with different occupations like weaving which is a major work, agriculture, rickshaw pullers etc.

Government is slowly providing all the basic facilities to them but still medical help is lacking.

We started medical help in this area in 2008 with Vardhanamma as the nurse. This time society people decided to organise  a medical camp with two qualified doctors in this area.

young doctors couple whose names are Dr.Nancy and Dr.Ben. Studied medicine in Guntur medical college. They are very co-operative and willing to give their free medical service to the needy people whenever they have a possibility.

Here we have the support of nice society members who are very active in taking care of the poor people in this area from time to time.

We are very happy to have the support of both German and Indian people who are caring for the benefit of poor people.


  1. Learning is an ever-evolving process. Each and every instance shapes our life in one way or the other.

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli

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