Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shoshana Medical Centre, Giripuram, Vijayawada.

Shoshana started giving first aid medical help in Giripuram area for more than 2 years now. Medical Project first started as a temporary help besides the sewing project but since there is more medical need in the area  it is turned into a regular medical centre with a full time nurse.
 Main problem in this area is over crowding. Sharing a single room with more than 8 members.It encourages spreading of diseases. With un hygienic surroundings and poor living conditions make them prone to diseases easily.

Area lacks proper  sanitation facilities. Common toilets that are used by the people are not connected with proper sewage systems.

 Most of the people here are construction workers, house maids etc. Alcoholism and drug addiction is also one of the main problems.

Majority of the children are drop outs and old people are neglected.Since they are in need of regular medical help, having a first aid help is very useful for them.

Mrs. Yashoda is a trained nurse. She has been working in a private hospital for many years. She is giving medical service in this area.

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