Saturday, September 17, 2016

Inuguration of Medical Project at Raavipadu, Narasaraopet town.

New medical project  at Raavipadu village  . Shoshana is taking care of this project in Narasaraopet town where it has been running sewing centres for needy women.

The present project is mainly to give first aid help for the needy people in this area who are mainly agricultural workers. First aid help is especially important for people in remote areas, where emergency assistance can be some distance and time away.

Main aim of this project is to care for an  injured or sick person prior to treatment by medically trained personnel like minor injuries which  require only first aid intervention, and no further treatment..

The first aider, Ramanjeneyulu.
Second male nurse in our organization. He is working in a private hospital in Narasaraopet town and has ten years experience as a nurse. He is from Raavipadu village and is familiar with the people here.

Interaction with the villagers. There were interested to know about Shoshana and its activities.

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