Friday, April 21, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre - Swarna

 Swarna is a small village where people are mostly depended on agriculture. Majority of the people who come to the medical centre are  agricultural workers and elderly people. We are experiencing hotter than usual summers this year.  Keeping in view the extreme weather conditions, the medical centre is providing  ORS packets and IV fluids made available for the elderly patients besides the regular medication.

The nurse Mr. Raju is also doing house visits giving out IV fluids and doing B.P checkups  for  people  those who couldn't come to the medical centre.

Since both men and women work in fields, heat stroke is a major issue in this season so besides suggesting the patients to be properly hydrated, necessary medication like for headaches, dizziness and electrolytes packets are made available at the centre.

Typical summer illnesses like diarrhea , typhoid and chicken pox are most common so we from the medical centre are prepared with the necessary medication so people who can't afford to buy the medication can utilize the services from Shoshana.

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