Monday, April 23, 2018

New medical project, Dasaripalem, Guntur.

Thanks to all the German friends who helped us in opening one more medical project in Guntur.

 I am posting a few pics from the new medical project, Dasaripalem, Guntur.

Dasaripalem is one of the backward communities on the outskirts of Guntur. The local society called Bass has been doing some educational programs  in that area for needy children. Last year they came up with the request of starting a medical project in their area for the people.

People from all kinds of religions are living in that area. Government is providing them with housing. Majority of them are daily workers like chilli pickers. Colony is away from the city. Still in need of basic facilities like proper roads and   transport facility.  As we observed there is no access to medical help even for basic medication and first aid help.

Shoshana decided to provide first aid help in this area. Due to insufficient funds we couldn't open it right away. People have been waiting for the last few months and finally friends from Germany helped us in starting the heath centre last week.

The local society arranged for a room for the centre. They are going to supervise the project.

Mrs.Mary is the first aider who is going to take care of the medical centre.
We start with  first aid help, basic medication and Blood pressure check ups.

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