Tuesday, March 26, 2024

 Shoshana Medical Centre, Ramapuram

First aid help at Fishermen community, Ramapuram. Started in 2005 after the tsunami. Many people lost their boats, nets and other equipment which are necessary for their livelihood. Even some lost their lives. Shoshana helped them with fishing nets etc. The area was so backward back then.  In order to have a long time help for the people there, Shoshana started medical help since they had no medical access.

Shoshana has been giving medical help to people since then. Its almost 20 yrs now. Still we are consistent in helping the people with free medication along with B.P and Sugar check ups.

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre - Dasaripalem-Guntur Would like to share a few pics showing the surroundings of Dasari palem and the area where...