Wednesday, February 16, 2022

 Shoshana Sewing Project, Chenchula colony, Gannavaram 

Sewing Instructor - Malleswari

Started recently with the initiative of a local society for the  tribal women. The colony is close to Vijayawada airport.

For generations, these tribal people are into begging, hunting, fishing and rag picking    . People move from one area to another looking for work. They live in  colonies with temporary shelters where ever they go. It is a big colony of 500 families of three different tribal communities. Child marriages and women abuse is common. Children never enrolled in schools.

Some organizations who work for backward communities are trying to get them permanent housing facility from the Government. Encouraging children  going to school. We from Shoshana, offered   free sewing classes for needy women so that they could have an alternate work for their living besides their regular occupations.

A local church allowed them  to use their premises for the sewing class  . Started with a group of five women . 

Seeing the interest of the women, we would like to continue for a few more classes in this area. Providing with a sewing machine after the class and see that they have their own small business is for future plan.


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

 Shoshana Medical Centre,  Tadiparru village, Guntur District.

Recently there is a change in the area, for those who follow the blog. Before the first aid centre was at the village community centre,located at the Church compound for almost 10 years. The village elders gave the community hall for the medical services but now the community needed the room back for other welfare activities so now it is moved to Ambedkar nagar area, Tadiparru.

Few pics from the area:

As usually giving out  all the basic medication. Besides that keeping the Covid med available for mild symptoms.

Nurse - Sukhaveni

Of course there are lot of covid positive cases around the area but majority of the people are not scared compared to the previous variants. Seeing the situation, it looks more like a common flu. It is getting cured in a week's time with home quarantine and basic medication. Unlike the previous years, staying in the hospital is also not necessary unless  there is severity.

Agricultural workers coming back from work. Good to see happy faces.

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