Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pics of Pedanandipadu sewing project - Nov-12

The teacher, Sivakumari with her students

The sewing project at Pedanandipadu village started in the year 2003. First it was at Appapuram village which is 8km away from Pedanandipadu and later it was moved to Pedanandipadu.

Here in Pedanandipadu there is more scope in helping needy women and also there is chance for getting work for their self  help since it is a bigger area.

So far around 80 women got trained at the sewing centre with the help of Shoshana.
All these women heard about Shoshana from the previous students and they are happy that most of the women are making good use of their training.
The instructor Sivakumari's husband is also a farmer. She with her work helping her husband in running their family besides training many other needy women like her for their self help.

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