Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nagaralu Sewing project, Guntur.


I recently visited one of our sewing projects in Guntur which is in the area called Nagaralu.

It is the recent sewing project we started. Started in Aug-2011 with Vasantha as the instructor.
She finished her first batch of tailoring students.

Here are the pics of second batch of students .

Started basics from April-12 onwards.
 The instructor Vasantha is a full time teacher so she is available all the time and ready to help the women as far as possible.

Majority women who joined the course are married. Few are housewives and rest daily workers.

All the women are from the same area.

The last batch women who finished their sewing class are ready to start their work. Coming months we will get to know the progress in their work and how far they could be able to help themselves.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Embroidery class in Guntur.

Pics from my last visit to Shoshana Sewing Centre, Rajeev Gandhi nagar, Guntur.

Our very first sewing project started in 2000 August with Nirmala as the tailoring  instructor mainly and with few basics in embroidery.

From 1st of April-11 we started full time embroidery and painting classes to the students along with stitching with Kamala as the teacher.

Pics of students already started the basic classes in painting.

These students started their tailoring class in Nov-11 and they will finish their course in Oct-12. If they start the painting and embroidery class now they will finish this course too along with tailoring.

Practicing drawing the sample pic and filling the colour.

Different colour combinations.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pics from our Shoshana Medical Centre, Railway area - Chirala.

Temparatures all over the state are getting higher day by day. It is getting hard even to get out of the house but for people especially who live on the roads it is much terrible. One such areas is the railway area, Chirala where people mainly live on the road under some shade from the trees.


Our place Chirala is close to the sea so we have high humidity in the air and with hot weather ,the condition of old people and children is unbearable.

They can't stay inside their houses because it is too sultry without any air and outside it is too hot. Most of the children who are coming to our medical project, railway area presently are from dehydration and fever.


The people of this are very poor and far behind compared to the common people. They have no proper living conditions. Some people from Chirala provided a room for this area which they are using as a multi purpose hall in which Shoshana is providing medical help with a regular nurse.




Dr.Berny from Germany who is a donor of Shoshana visited this place and was very surprised to see the living conditions of this people and he got to know the kind of help we are providing for these people.

In this season if there is any emergency, then these people may need infusions and more medication related to fever and diarrhea.

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