Wednesday, May 3, 2023

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu

Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are presently doing their tailoring course at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu.  

These women started their sewing class in August-22 last year and are about to finish their class by the end of July-2023.

On the request of the women, sewing machines were given out to them so that they could practice more before starting to work on their own. 

Heartful thanks to all the donors who donated specially for the sewing machines. Special thanks to Mrs. Martha B Foerch

Sharing few pics of the ladies who got the sewing machine.

Instructor Mrs. Sivakumari along with her students

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Centre, Pedanandipadu

Present group of women at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu . These women come from Pedanandipadu and neighbouring villages.This group started the class in Aug-22 and almost towards the end of the tailoring course. Presently learning blouse stitching which is the main part in the course. 

An average income of a tailor with basic sewing skills in dress making could earn up to 9000 to 12000 per month if they are good at their job. If they are good in making designer blouses then there are more chances of earning more money.

These ladies coming from agricultural background  mostly housewives and school dropouts have a good chance of starting their carrier with few months of practice and training  either working as a faculty in a sewing school or opening a sewing school or starting their own shop at home.

Shoshana is helping many such women to have an alternate carrier  to support their families.
Thanks to all the donors who are making this possible to have a living for all these needy women.

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