Wednesday, May 3, 2023

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu

Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are presently doing their tailoring course at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu.  

These women started their sewing class in August-22 last year and are about to finish their class by the end of July-2023.

On the request of the women, sewing machines were given out to them so that they could practice more before starting to work on their own. 

Heartful thanks to all the donors who donated specially for the sewing machines. Special thanks to Mrs. Martha B Foerch

Sharing few pics of the ladies who got the sewing machine.

Instructor Mrs. Sivakumari along with her students

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Centre, Pedanandipadu

Present group of women at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu . These women come from Pedanandipadu and neighbouring villages.This group started the class in Aug-22 and almost towards the end of the tailoring course. Presently learning blouse stitching which is the main part in the course. 

An average income of a tailor with basic sewing skills in dress making could earn up to 9000 to 12000 per month if they are good at their job. If they are good in making designer blouses then there are more chances of earning more money.

These ladies coming from agricultural background  mostly housewives and school dropouts have a good chance of starting their carrier with few months of practice and training  either working as a faculty in a sewing school or opening a sewing school or starting their own shop at home.

Shoshana is helping many such women to have an alternate carrier  to support their families.
Thanks to all the donors who are making this possible to have a living for all these needy women.

Friday, April 21, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre - Swarna

 Swarna is a small village where people are mostly depended on agriculture. Majority of the people who come to the medical centre are  agricultural workers and elderly people. We are experiencing hotter than usual summers this year.  Keeping in view the extreme weather conditions, the medical centre is providing  ORS packets and IV fluids made available for the elderly patients besides the regular medication.

The nurse Mr. Raju is also doing house visits giving out IV fluids and doing B.P checkups  for  people  those who couldn't come to the medical centre.

Since both men and women work in fields, heat stroke is a major issue in this season so besides suggesting the patients to be properly hydrated, necessary medication like for headaches, dizziness and electrolytes packets are made available at the centre.

Typical summer illnesses like diarrhea , typhoid and chicken pox are most common so we from the medical centre are prepared with the necessary medication so people who can't afford to buy the medication can utilize the services from Shoshana.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Stories from some of the beneficiaries of Shoshana Projects

Ø  Name: Deepa – Vijayawada


Deepa is a tailor. Her husband used to be an auto driver. 
For the last four years he is not working because of his heart disease. 
He tried to find work but he has no strength to work.  
Deepa runs the family by stitching clothes. 
She has the skill but do not have her own machine. She rents a machine for 50rs per day. 
Sometimes with all her house expenses and her husband’s medical bills, 
she couldn’t pay the rent for the machine regularly so the machine owner took it away.
 Though she is not a student of Shoshana, she approached us for help. 
Knowing her situation we contacted some friends to help her buying a sewing machine. 
Now she is very happy to have her own machine. 
She thanked for giving her an opportunity to be confident and earn her living.

 Ø  Name: Pallavi – Shoshana Sewing Centre, Gannavaram

Pallavi is 30yr old. Stopped studies after her 10th grade.  

Husband is a daily worker and she is working as a helper in a local school earning around 100rs per 

day. She has two children. It is very difficult for them to run the family and sending the children to

 school with the meagre income they are earning.

She joined the free sewing class at Gannavaram in the year 2022 with the aim of becoming 

independent and not depending on her husband for daily expenses.  

After finishing the class, she got a sewing machine. 

She is very happy that Shoshana gave her an   opportunity to fulfill her dream of becoming

independent as well as she could provide better living conditions for her children.


Ø  Name: Subhashini – Shoshana Sewing Centre, Gannavaram

She is an illiterate, working as a daily worker earning around 300 rupees per day. 

Husband is a painter and has 3 Children. She has work only for 10 days a month and 

rest of the month she is out of work.

Her elder son stopped school because the parents couldn’t afford to send all the 

three children to school. He is also assisting his father in painting work. 

She heard about Shoshana sewing centre from a local pastor and joined the class in the year 2022. 

She finished her class and got a sewing machine.

She said it is very helpful for her to find an alternate income source besides her regular work 

and she expressed her happiness that in future she could send all her children to school.

She expressed her special thanks to Mrs.Martha.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Distribution of Sewing Machines at Shoshana Sewing Project, Chenchula colony, Gannavaram.

More than 1000 people spread in two blocks at Chenchula and Jangali colonies near airport at Gannavaram area. They belong to tribal communities, mostly illiterates.

Occupation wise some are fishermen, women mostly sell small plastic items going around houses, some men are parrot astrologers etc . They migrate from one area to other in search of work living in temporary shelters.

The situation is especially poor for women, because they have often little or no economic status and especially when their husbands are working elsewhere, they have to face severe financial hardship.

Girls usually get married when they reach the age of  puberty and boys mostly go along with their parents for work.

Local pastor is working for the economic upliftment of these tribal communities encouraging children to attend tuition points for primary education and women to learn some hand craft skills so that they could have an alternate income source.

With the help of Shoshana, a sewing project was started in Chenchula colony in the year 2021 and so far 10 women finished their course and got a sewing machine.

Here are some pics from the distribution of sewing machines.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Medical Centre - Vengal reddy nagar,Raavipadu

Raavipadu is an area on the outskirts of Narasaraopet town  beside the highway towards Hyderabad.

Vengal reddy nagar is moderately a big area with around 150 houses belonging to backward communities. Majority of the population are agricultural labourers. Both men and women work in fields and at building construction sites. Previously most of the children were school drops outs but for the last decade parents are sending their children to schools. 

Majority of the houses are Government built. Although people living in pucca houses, their is not much difference in their financial status. There are still many who are living in poverty. Many were out of work during the corona crisis but slowly the situation is getting better.

Shoshana under the supervision of the local society arranged a first aid centre in Raavipadu area in the year 2016 and giving out medical help with a regular nurse.

As we observed over the years there are many old people here who are in need of medical help. Since the area is around 7km away from the nearest hospital in town, Shoshana medical centre is quite useful for the people here especially for old people . Besides the basic medication, the med project is offering free B.P and blood sugar check ups.

Nurse Mrs. Bala sundari
Mrs. Martha  is supervising the projects and interacting with the staff through video calls and the people also are happy to often see her. Thanks to all the donors who made it possible to provide medical help for the people of Raavipadu.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

 CDS-Shoshana Sewing Centre, Narasaraopet

Shoshana has been training needy women in sewing and embroidery in Shalem nagar, Narasaraopet area for the last 15 years.  So far more than 150 women finished their free sewing class successfully and using their sewing skills to earn their living.

Mrs. Santhamma has been training these women from the beginning ie from the year 2007. She was a teacher and a tailoring instructor before she started working with Shoshana. She used to take minimal fee to train the women. After many years of service, she is quite familiar with the people  in the area. She lended her own house to run the sewing project.

After she joined with Shoshana, she has the opportunity of  helping hundreds of women for free of cost to be independent. Her family is with her in this process. They supported her to continue her work all these years. Even though she  crossed her retirement age she is still continuing with the same spirit in training women.

In future one of her daughters or one of her previous students may take over the sewing project but she wants to continue as long as she could.

The students had the opportunity to meet our M.D. Martha and talk to her via a video call. It was nice that she could meet the women and see what they are doing.

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are pr...