Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Sharing a few pics from the Shoshana sewing project, Anaparthi and Pedanandipadu villages.

Martha's first visit to the sewing project, Anaparthi  which was started early this year. Women had a little celebration time inviting Martha to the project.

Occupation wise most of these women are daily wage agricultural labourers and their men are construction workers and contract farmers. The job availability in agricultural sector is only for half the year and rest of the period they go to nearby areas for coolie work.

We choose the needy women who are unemployed and who are interested to learn the handicraft skills to train them in Sewing and Embroidery work and help them in buying a sewing machine so that they could also earn some living  and could support their families.

If both the parents are working,
more children will be able to attend school instead of forced into child labour.
Mrs.Sivakumari is the instructor for sewing at Pedanandipadu and Anaparthi. She is running a tailor shop at home with the help of some of her former students there by providing some income for them and they also sell the products made by the women at the centre which they in turn use for their utilities.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Visit to Shoshana Medical Centres, Yanadi colony, Kadavakuduru and China ganjam village


Martha's first visit to the Shoshana Medical project located in the Yanadi colony of Chinaganjam village.
I am putting up a few pics from her visit.

Shoshana Primary health centre was started in this area to give awareness about personal hygiene and health issues besides giving basic medication for the people here.

This is mainly a tribal community with main occupation as sewage workers, fishermen , coolies and rickshaw pullers. Open defecation due to lack of sufficient water and domesticating pigs and goats at home causing unhygienic surroundings is mainly leading to health problems and maintaining their waste water by digging pits in the backyard attracting mosquitoes is also making them sick.

Nurse, Rajakumari at Shoshana Medical project - Kadavakuduru

Health worker, Deepthi at the medical centre - Chinaganjam village
Random pics from the place

 Distribution of Sewing machines at Shoshana sewing project, Pedanandipadu Shoshana distributed six sewing machines to the ladies who are pr...