Monday, August 23, 2021


Waste pickers from Vijayawada who are in need of a sewing class

Main occupation of these people is waste picking. They collect recyclable waste from dump yards and garbages,  segrate them and sell them for money.  By selling they earn up to an average of 50 to 60 rupees per day.  Although it is done by adults majority of children also continue in the same profession.

A lot of garbage is cleaned informally by the rag pickers in urban areas of India who work without any proper wages, dignity and job security. Not only that they are exposed to harmful substances, infections, respiratory diseases apart for poverty, humiliation and abuse on the streets.

Collecting waste is a difficult and harmful job. They are exposed to cuts and infections. Rotten food makes them sick. They want to live in a clean space with some respect in the society and they could give their children a better education.

When some of our local partners of Shoshana came across these slums, some of the women expressed their interest in learning stitching for a living. Many of them lost work and also scared of collecting waste during the Covid situation. There is no other alternate work source for them besides collecting waste.


From Shoshana we want to offer them a free sewing class to some of the women who are interested.

Here are a few pics from their daily life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


New Nurse at Shoshana Medical Centre - Dasaripalem, Guntur District.

Swathi Keerthana - Nurse had a three year training in Nursing course.  This is her first job as a first aider. Married and has a two year old daughter. She is happy to be a part of Shoshana and is taking care of the project for the last three months. 

Her husband is also working for a Charity with which Shoshana has also been closing working with.

Covid cases drastically decreased for the last couple of months.  Only a few cases here and there. People still have post covid symptoms like fatigue, weakness and some have gastric problems.

Here at this project we are providing basic first aid help, B.p checkups besides giving medication for mild covid symptoms.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Name: Sujatha. M.  Married and she has 2 daughters.

Former student of Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada.

She used to work as a cleaning woman in a private school. Due to Covid, all the schools were closed and she lost her job. Her husband left her and living with an another woman.

She was begging for food during the lockdown to feed her children.

The instructor Hemima came to know about her situation and she helped her in setting up a sewing machine at home. Since the situation is getting to normal again here, she is slowing taking in orders to earn her living.

She thanked all the donors for helping her to find an employment.


Name: Jyothi. Kattavarapu aged 40yrs. Married and she is a housewife. She has two children.

Former student of Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada. Husband was a daily worker.

Last year her husband died of Covid. Her children are still in school.  Being an illiterate also during lock down they couldn't find any work to run their family. It was difficult for them to find at least one meal a day.  Thrown out of the house for not paying rent.  For the time being staying at their relatives verandah.  When ever she comes across the sewing instructor she was crying for help.

The instructor helped her in setting up a sewing machine at home and now she is slowing taking in orders to earn her living.

She is very happy that her sewing classes are now helping her in running her family.

Thanks to all the donors who made it possible.


Thanking notes from some of the beneficiaries who got the sewing machines.

Name : Venkata Lakshmi. Chiruguri, aged 30 yrs. Married , housewife and she has three girls who are  in the primary school. Former student of Shoshana sewing centre, Vijayawada. Husband was a daily worker. .One small happy family.

 Recently her husband was detected with cancer and he is undergoing treatment so he couldn't work. During this Covid time, without work she couldn't pay her house rent and even feed her children. It was very difficult for her to run the  family. At this situation, Shoshana provided her with a sewing machine.

The instructor Hemima helped her in setting up her own tailor shop at home.  Now she is happily working at home and taking care of her family. 

Thank you for all the donors who helped her family at this crucial time.

Few pics from her at home .

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