Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visit to Shoshana Medical Centre at Martur - Nov-12

Pics from Shoshana medical centre at Martur town.

Martur town is 60 kms away from Chirala and it comes under Prakasam Dt.  The town is specially famous for Granite cutting factories. People from all over the country come here for employment in those factories.They have special colonies for their residence near the factories.

Medical support from Shoshana started in Adarsh nagar colony, Martur from 2005 mainly for the Granite workers.   Workers in this colony work for the near by Granite cutting factories. First aid help with a regular nurse in this area is essential for them since they have regular minor accidents.  Lately Government decided to provide better medical facilities for them with a doctor in that area so the local society people decided to move to another needy area.

The medical centre is presently located at Hanumantha Rao colony, Martur and Mumtaz is the nurse here. So far we observed the area is still under development. It is a mixed community  with majority muslim people. People here are mostly coolies.

Announcements are going on  around the area regarding the free medical help. I think soon the medical services will be established in a wide range for the benefit of the needy people here.
Martha and Mumtaz (Nurse)

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