Friday, November 23, 2012

Medical Centre at Vittal nagar, Chirala - Nov-12

Pics from our visit to Medical Centre, Vittal nagar, Chirala.

One of the slum areas in Chirala.  Shoshana has been providing medical support in this area from 2010.

Some of the local people constructed a small room in this area for multipurpose and named it as Village of Hope. Hope for the better life for the people in this area. People are using this as a shelter home, medical centre as well as for Sunday service.

Tribal people from different states mainly from
Tamil Nadu gathered here as a colony having temporary huts. These people are mainly rag pickers and rickshaw pullers.
Even though they are living here for two or three generations they have no proper facilities from Government. Still very backward.
Shoshana is providing first aid help to the people here with Raj as the nurse.

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