Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vijayawada Sewing Projects


Yesterday we visited our sewing projects in Vijayawada. We went along with our German friends to the projects since they are making the documentary on the work of Shoshana.

First we went to Wynchpet, Vijayawada via prakasam barage. The centre is more in the old city. The instructor, Mrs.Srivani is working with us from the beginning i.e from 2001 onwards. She is the oldest instructor compared to all our insturctors .

She was a regular teacher before in a school besides stitching  and that helped her very much in teaching the students stitching with more patience. She is very helpful and friendly to the students and more like a mother to them and really fighting for those women who need help since her class is in a muslim slum area. Her husband is a retired railway employee and he is also very helpful in sharing her work. We are very happy with their work.

Next project is Shoshana Sewing Centre, Giripuram. The instructor lady is Hemima. She is a trained dress designer so she has new way of teaching the students which is very practical. She  is making special maps for the other instructors too to make their work more easy and effective.We met her family and one of her sister is also a social worker for street children and her aunt is running a day care centre for the needy children in her area so her family is more into social work. Hemima acts not just like a regular  employee but really see that the needy people in her area get help to get up from their poor situations and be independent.

On the way back to home, we were at a cotton mill and chilli fields to see the situation of the people working there .The entire process like picking cotton from the fields to making the threads and cloth is very interesting but the life of people working in hot sun, dusty and noisy mills is very pathetic. Our students who are former daily workers feel much more comfortable and happy compared to their work before setting up their own tailor shops at home or outside, earning more money than a regular worker and take care of their children.

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